A Number of 3DS Titles on Sale Now on eShop- Monster Hunter Down To $19.99

Here's a list of the newest deals for 3DS eShop games. All deals end at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET on the day listed.

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TheSuperior 1630d ago

Time for me to go shopping haha

kB01630d ago

None of which you own once your money...u can prob find majority at the same price or cheaper but physical...

SlapHappyJesus1630d ago

I really need to grab myself a 3DS.
I just have hard enough time keeping up with the games I have now, considering my limited free time . . .

CaulkSlap1630d ago

Are eShop games still tied to the individual system?

brewin1630d ago

I have moved my games and saves, settings, etc to 3 separate 3DS systems now. I think there is a limit, but everything is transferrable.

kB01629d ago

Read into what what brewin said.

It's transferable, but if ur 3Ds dies, stolen, sold or lose all:)

They are locked to the system instead of account.

Nintendo already admitted that they have a very little experience doing the online infrastructure...when EA offered to help Nintendo declined.

It's unfortunate, because Nintendo has some of the best games on market (or even ever created) but have the most dated technology.:(

I would love for a Nintendo console to be my main console, but I just can't without trophies, proper friends list and online.

jaymart2k1630d ago

Monster Hunter 3 is also $19.99 on Wii U for a limited time.

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