Resident Evil 2 HD Being Developed By Italian Studio

Resident Evil 2 headed to high definition. Italian game studio is making an HD version a reality.

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-Foxtrot1697d ago

An Italian studio...really Capcom

Why don't you show some love and make it in house instead of outsourcing it to a no name company.

vork771697d ago

its a fan made capcom has nothing to do with it

Gamer19821697d ago

Exactly fanmade and this is also being built from the ground up so it means it will take many years to get it anything like RE2. If they would have been somehow able to modify the original sprites then it would have took a lot quicker but instead they are building a whole new engine and that takes some serious time.. I don't see this ever being completed..

Majin-vegeta1697d ago

Apparently it's fan made :(.

*We make this fangame for fans of Resident evil, we create it free and with no any request of money from the player.
We would be happy to give capcom the project once it is finished to make it an official remake.
Of course until the capcom will not tell us anything we will continue to develop the remake;)
Thanks for the support

-Foxtrot1697d ago

Fan made?

Oh well that sucks, knew it would be too good to be true for Capcom to actually acknowledge a HD remake for RE2

Etseix1697d ago

No hate for something free

But still, f* you capcom for not doing it in house u__U

Yodagamer1697d ago

@etseix, It's too expensive to do it inhouse or at all. The game used 2d graphics which will be too expensive to make, it's the same reason we'll probably never see ff7 remake.

Kevlar0091697d ago

They're too busy making another HD version of Resident Evil 4

SpiralTear1697d ago

I don't expect Capcom to let this slide, even though this InvaderGames house seems to be doing more for the series than Capcom is right now.

Austin481697d ago

I was hoping for a full remake but if capcom dont make eney than i would rather see these fans make an hd remake

PoSTedUP1697d ago

just beat it again a couple of days ago. im about half ways through the first one but thinking about playing through leon B and unlocking the bonus content back in RE2, instead. man, capcom use to be nasty. a RE2 remake would be INTENSE. i didnt buy 6 and wont buy 7, unless they go back to survival horror. petition signed.

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The story is too old to be commented.