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What J.K Rowling Could Teach The Video Game Industry

She's the best-selling author of the Harry Potter series and it's the world's most lucrative type of media. But what could J.K Rowling teach the video game industry? Surprisingly, more than you'd think. (Assassin's Creed, Industry, inFamous: Second Son, Square Enix, Sucker Punch, Tomb Raider, Ubisoft)

Daavpuke  +   583d ago
I wasn't expecting that second argument, putting it from a gross capitalist perspective; that's a rather cool view on it.
JohnnyTower  +   583d ago
Rowling can teach me how to cast Emma Watson in my movie. Well, its more of a snuff film.
hkgamer  +   583d ago
So this article has nothing to do with JK Rowling but to have an amazing world.

I agree that some games are just trying to make the map as big as possible so it can say that our map is 50km square. But what should be done is to make it smaller but make the world a little more interactive.

However, what the writer seems to forget is that a book is written and all the user/reader can do is just imagine it from what the author has said. Video games are different, its all about intereactivity and most people want to try and speak to every individual NPC. Obviously those NPC's would most likely be boring and have a set number of lines which just makes the world not seem as great. Or you could just make game with none interactive NPC's and thats basically FFXIII which was criticised heavily for that.

Also I have no interest of harry potter series so I doubt I would understand all the praise for JK rowling or even the potter world.

I would like to point out that Shenmue was probably the game with the most interesting world and my fave series but it's definitely the biggest flop of all time.
KonsoruMasuta  +   583d ago
How to let your series get licensed and made into a crappy series of games?
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