Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is Totally a Thing, Here are the Achievements

Hardcore Gamer: For a while people thought Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare was something of a joke. Over time it was confirmed to actually be a game, which now has an achievement list.

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urwifeminder1663d ago

From what I have seen this looks fun I will give it a try when it releases.

mhunterjr1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

It actually looks like an awesome game. A family friendly take on the tps genre. It's got some pretty neat game modes. I'm a little worried about the balancing, but I'm sure I'll be sinking some time into it.

jackanderson19851663d ago

the title sounds like they doubted the game ever existed... one of my most anticpated titles of the year... looks alot of fun and i'll be able to play with my nephew

SLUG1663d ago

we need more games like this on xbox one

ChaosKnight1662d ago

Oh come on, this game looks awesome. EA featured it at their E3 press conference.