Could 2014 be the Vita’s Biggest Year?

Pixel Gate writes:

''2014 is going to be a huge year for the likes of the PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, but also for the Vita. Sony’s wonderful handheld system is yet to convince the masses, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got great games, due to the niche nature of some of the system’s big hitters.''

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GamerEuphoria1695d ago

Was 2013 a good year? a fair year? or just another quiet Vita year?

TomShoe1695d ago

Hopefully it will take off with the relaunch in the US and UK. Most everyone I know who's gotten a Vita loves it, not to mention all the free PS+ games.

UltimateMaster1695d ago

Only if they bring new games people want.
The same that were the best system selling games on PSP.
Bring The Last of Us on Vita!

PoSTedUP1695d ago

would like to see FTB4 or socomIIHD remake (yup, still dreaming), cant wait for freedom was and gravity rush2. but with PS:Now, 2014 & 2015 will be the years of the vita and ps4, easily.

jujubee881695d ago

It was good. What's the difference between good and fair? Both sound a notch above mediocre. Meh, I guess that's VITA's game library in a nutshell. XD

Prophet-Gamer1695d ago

They could do a Vita 2k relaunch with Minecraft and properly designed CoD for $149. Outside of that, I don't the Vita coming back from the dead in NA.

webeblazing1695d ago

vita had a lot of great games in "13 but its still cant touch nintendo. they need more people making big exclusive and taking some of 3ds games. ill pick the later its no reason why monster hunter 4 shouldnt come out for vita but its capcom. theyre aiming cheap and want to be like pokemon. seriously i think that what theyre aiming for. pokemon a great game sales a ton and exclusive, but why would they try to limit themselves when its one of the few FEW games people want of theirs.

dedicatedtogamers1695d ago

2013 was pretty good. Soul Sacrifice, KZ Merc, Tearaway, and Ys were the big games I can think of off the top of my head, plus a ka-billion indie games.

This year we know that we're getting another ka-billion indie games including Fez, Minecraft, Starbound, Binding of Isaac, etc but other than Toukiden it's a bit dry for larger retail releases. Gotta hope that Sony has something in the wings. They're doing great with PS4. Devote some effort to Vita, pls.

Team_Litt1694d ago

The games off of the top of your head were the only big games of note and some (kz) were above average at best. Also, 30 is not a ka-billion.

Is this what people wanted when they bought their Vita's? 5 AAA games a year and 30 indie games that are available on other platforms already?

tubers1694d ago

2013 was VITA's best year in Japan with +151 % increase from year on year performance.

2013 is the worst year of VITA in NA.

EU? No idea.

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TheSuperior 1695d ago

I sure hope its a good year for the Vita, it needs it :)

Otoshigamisama1695d ago

Many games for vita this year hoping for more localization announcements :)

MatrixxGT1695d ago

One minute vita is doomed and the next its going to be best thing since sliced bread here on n4g.

I'm going with the latter. Not many days go without mine being used.

GamerEuphoria1695d ago

I don't recall this post saying anything about the Vita being the best thing since sliced bread

MatrixxGT1695d ago

I'll break it down simple. On vita tab of n4g theres one article saying Vita Is doomed, then comes one saying it's going to have best year yet. Then there will be a doom and gloom article followed by x reasons to buy a vita today, etc.

SlapHappyJesus1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

It may just be the year I grab one. I really want to play Uncharted, Persona 4(never got to play the PS2 version) and Tearaway. Not to mention a portable Borderlands 2 sounds very nice.

Pridefall1694d ago

I recommend all but Uncharted. It really is (imo) the most overrated title on vita.

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