Black Tusk Studios’ Gears of War Game to Have Web Application, “Enthralling” Character-Driven Story

Today it was learned that Black Tusk Studios is working on the next Gears of War title, but not much is known about it yet. A few hints could be found in a couple career opportunity ads posted by Microsoft in behalf of the studio.

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come_bom1700d ago

Dam... i just might have to buy a X1 for this.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1700d ago ShowReplies(10)
Sovereign591700d ago

Yeah, I'm hoping for something good. Judgment was something of a very bare bones game. The campaign lacked anything to pull me back in after completion for another go, and the multiplayer wasn't my cup of tea at all. Which is a surprise as the multiplayer was handled by Epic whereas the campaign was developed by People Can Fly.
Judgment really made me look back and realize that Gears of War 3 included a TON of content. Even before any of the DLC, there was a great amount of maps and characters to play as on them. And I still hate the fact that Judgment stripped the Locust from standard multiplayer. That never sat well with me.

So what I hope to see is a visually impressive Gears game packed with content, a campaign that will be fun enough to revisit after completion, and versus multiplayer with COG VS Locust, and of course, horde mode.

bloop1700d ago

All they need to do is just take Gears 3 and add to it. Even minor changes like when they added meat shield in 2 and even the cover vault kick in 3. That's all they have to do!! Keep the original foundation and don't go messing with it like they did with judgement. And if they actually do that, MS will have sold another XB1 here anyway.

TomShoe1700d ago

Black Tusk was apparently working on a new IP before this.

Now we're back to more Gears.

Creativity am cry

Abriael1700d ago

Eh, honestly you can be creative both with new IPs and old ones. An IP is just a framework, it still leaves a ton of room for creativity even if it adds some boundaries.

TomShoe1700d ago

It's not that I don't like Gears, but I feel that unless they start a whole new arc with new personalities, the series has run it's course.

This new IP was supposed to be good too. Here's a quote from NeoGAF's own CBOAT:

"btusk inst not that B!g. teh spygam WAS REAAL.
n itwa$ good."

(Black Tusk is not that big. The spy game was real, and it was good.)

Abriael1700d ago

To be fully honest, I'll take Cboat seriously when he'll start to write in English :D

The career opportunity ad seems to indicate that they're working on a completely new cast, at least looking at the wording, so I'll retain judgement until I'll actually see the results of the creativity :D

fenixrisingxl211700d ago

@Abriael My man seriously got a Disagree for using the phrase "I'll retain judgement until I'll actually see the results of the creativity :D"

Wtf, dude.

Come on, N4G community.
We're better than this.

showtimefolks1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

its MS man they love milking the same 3-4 franchises throughout. I like gears but i thought Gears 3 was the end and Judgement just didn't have that magic in the game

i guess more power to MS and Gears fans but i for one would have loved to see something new


I hope you are right my friend because Judgement left a very sour taste in my mouth

hello121700d ago

Gears is set in a universe there is tons of comic books with more stories and more depth.

Gears 1,2.3 was a trilogy its story started from gears 1 to 3, the end.

Gears judgement was a spin off and it was terrible. Epic just copied and pasted that game no real work was done.

DoubleM701700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Lets see uncharted 4. Uhmmm God of war 6. Case closed Don't forget the PSP games

blackstrr4111700d ago

Lol. Sonys milking is worse. God of war and uncharted

fermcr1700d ago

You didn't say that when Uncharted 4 was announced !

AutoCad1700d ago

He also didnt say that when a new god of war was announced or a new killzone got released

Riderz13371700d ago

@autoCad - New God of War announced?!?!? Where?????

staticdash221700d ago

Eh Sony has a great balance of sequels and new IP. Even when naughty dog was making uncharted, they were still allowed to create something like the last of us.

Quantic Dream didn't sign up to create a sequel to heavy rain, they made beyond. Insomniac created resistance and kept with ratchet and clank. They've introduced tons of new IP throughout the generation to balance out those sequels. It's all about having the right balance between old and fresh new stuff

TomShoe1700d ago


That's true. Sony has a history of throwing a lot of money a developer and saying "go make your vision."

We get groundbreaking games, and Sony has built up a lot of good faith with developers as a result.

-Foxtrot1700d ago

Because we know very clearly that

1) ND has two teams

2) Their patten of releasing games

3) We know their quality is OUTSTANDING

We don't much facts about Gears, Black Tusk, their new IP or quality yet

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AceBlazer131700d ago

No they weren't, they just had some assets that they put together as an e3 trailer. They only just got the license to Gears. So the 'black tusk game' ppl kept bringing up was never actually a game.

maniacmayhem1700d ago

If anything Black Tusk has Gears in a concept stage and hasn't even begun to work on anything. It'll be at least 2 years before we see this games release.

That gives plenty of time for Black Tusk to finish any game they were working on when the studio formed.

Minato-Namikaze1700d ago

I think Phil said they arent gonna be actively making the new IP at this time because they are working on gears.

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AutoCad1700d ago

Cant wait for E3 to see what they working on.

hello121700d ago

No point making a half arsed gears game, it will not sell. I like what i am hearing so far.

Kayant1700d ago

Yep. Judgement was quite a let down and damaged the series quite a lot especially the youtube community which is effectively dead now. The MP was changed so much for the worst IMO but they did get weapon balancing quite well. Man just thinking about a next-gen Gears with no BS hosting/OP retro launcher on dedicated servers makes me giddy :p

Might just have to get an XB1 in future it seems.

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