Source 2.0 Engine - Second Screenshot From Left 4 Dead 2's Remade Map Unveiled

A second screenshot from Left 4 Dead 2's remade map on the Source Engine 2 has surfaced.

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Pandamobile1660d ago

Seems legit so far, but the PowerPoint file apparently dates back to 2011.

sobekflakmonkey1660d ago

whatevs, looks pretty awesome anyways, I really hope the physics engine in source 2.0 is amazing, textures are textures, so I'm not really worried about that, when I shoot things I want them to act realistically, and I want the lighting to be improved as well.

I'm excited!!!!!!

porkChop1660d ago

Gabe spoke to people from /r at his birthday party a year or two ago and he told them Valve has had a brand new state of the art engine ready for a while, they're just waiting for a game to ship it with. There's a video of it on YouTube.

ATi_Elite1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Very Well said Porkchop

I too saw the same video and if you watch the enire video Gabe pretty much smiles as a BIG HINT as to which game he is referring to as a Game to show off Source Engine 2.0.

..........Ricochet 2 of course.

(and if you are totally up to date on Valve news then you know that when Gabe Newell says Ricochet 2 that it's a code word for Half life 3! Valve and their never ending args and puzzles)

thorstein1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Just to be clear: This is NOT Left for Dead 3. It is just a way to show off the new engine.

There will be no Left for Dead 3 as people have speculated.

This will also not be Half Life 3. Valve does not make trilogies. It is a rule. And it is why they make such great games. They don't get complacent by cranking out the same titles.

There will be no #3s. Unless, they make a game called "3" just to mess with gamers.

pwnsause_returns1660d ago

i think from here on out, ill stay shut about why no HL3 and Gabe Jokes...

GentlemenRUs1660d ago

And yet the whole world still waits for HL3...

porkChop1660d ago

I don't even want HL3. That ship has sailed, they took their sweet time.

Kennytaur1660d ago

Meh, I'd rather have Left 4 Dead 3 and Portal 3. Though I'd prefer a new IP.

B1uBurneR1660d ago

What's the point of these pictures. Just make a game already. Not interested in picture stills. Stop wasting time with pics and put it in motion

Fireseed1660d ago

I just... I just don't even know where to begin.

Anonagrog1660d ago

Do you think Valve would officially reveal anything to the world through Powerpoint screengrabs?

Npugz71660d ago

Source engine.......meh

cyguration1660d ago

You must not like Titanfall either?

starchild1660d ago

When Half Life 2 came out it was by far the best looking game that we had ever seen, not to mention the incredible physics. It still look pretty damn good even today.

This is Source 2. Do you really think that it isn't going to be massively improved in nearly every way?

Volkama1660d ago

Source Engine 2. All that really tells you is that it's from Valve, and that's hardly something to scoff at.

Oh and I suppose you can quite safely assume it'll have good support for Linux.

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The story is too old to be commented.