More Gameplay Footage of Sony’s Freedom Wars Emerges

Sony Japan Studio’s PS Vita exclusive Freedom Wars is turning out to be a more ambitious title than many imagined. The game was available on the show floor at Taipei Game Show and many Taiwanese gamers managed to get their hands on it.

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Applejack1632d ago

You really should, I'm loving my Vita and there's more games on it than many people give it credit for. I would definitely recommend you get Persona 4 Golden first if you're into JRPGs.

FITgamer1632d ago

I plan on getting one eventually, but in the past 4 months i spent around $1800 between a new PC and PS4. Need to chill out for bit lol.

TomShoe1632d ago

If the Slim comes out in NA and is at a decent price, I'm picking one up.

Tbh, the 3DS just isn't doing it for me. I need a change of pace.

PoSTedUP1632d ago

wow this is looking Hella' fun. it was on my radar a little, now its like Day One. this and gravity rush 2, oh Man.

GdaTyler1632d ago

What are you waiting for? There's so many games you're missing out on. It's the handheld of my dreams. *_*

TomShoe1632d ago

I'm waiting on the Slim, tbh. I like that its thinner and lighter than the OG, and has a longer battery life as well.

Since I've never owned the OG, the switch to the LCD should be easier.

MethCupcakes1632d ago

Just my god damn luck.. My Vita charger breaks right before the week I'm off. :( and no one has them in stock.

GdaTyler1632d ago

Is it available online?

PoSTedUP1632d ago

gamestop or best buy or someone somewhere should have a nYko psvita charger.

MethCupcakes1632d ago

I don't buy 3rd party chargers. If they're not Sony made they fry vita/ mess up the battery within the first week. I got my Vita in November and I've had to get it replaced twice by Sony because of it. Just got the third Vita a couple of days ago.

Ninjatogo1632d ago

If you can wait for shipping, you could order the charger off Amazon. They are pretty cheap if you only need the AC adapter.

PoSTedUP1632d ago

that sucks, thanks for the heads up. luckily nothing happened to mine, ive had a nyko since last april/may.

MethCupcakes1631d ago

Dont worry‚ I got a Sony USB for $10 at gamestop. I saw it on sale today.. If you guys wanna play or something PM me your PSNs and I'll add you later when Vita's charged.

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Inception1632d ago

Mate, go get it!

Screw the haters who spout BS about vita doesn't have games. This year you can get DanganRonpa (from dev who made Virtue Last Escape), Toukiden, Soul Sacrifice Delta, FF X/X-2 HD, Kagero Deception 4, Freedom Wars, The wolf among us, Walking Dead season 2, and more.

But, if you want cheaper prize than you should wait Vita slim.

Xer0_SiN1632d ago

has that valkyria chronicles feel to it.

Brazz1631d ago

no, Valk. is turn based, this is more like god eater.
Valk. is almost unique, the only game i saw whit "almost like valk." i Xcom ( valk. is much better, valk. characters and history is 10x better than xcom.)

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BlackTar1871632d ago

This picture reminds me of Star Gladitor

I loved that game.

Inception1632d ago

I'm glad that there's still other people who remembered Star Gladiator beside me. SG is a blast! and i don't know why capcom doesn't make a sequel for it :(

Frodosmugins1632d ago

do I see 6player coop? or were they bots?

TomShoe1632d ago

Ahhhhhh I see what you did there

PoSTedUP1632d ago

if 6 player coop... this game would deserve a commercial.

Dinoegg_961631d ago

Each player has an accesory (android), but I read an interview where they said that the game will allow up to 8 players

Ultr1631d ago

Isn't this game 8 player co-op?
It says it on wikipedia

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AceofStaves1632d ago

This game is definitely on my radar. Can't wait!

HighResHero1632d ago

Another one for my collection.

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