Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians is the tactical rpg that many of you have been waiting for

Many people are complaining about the lack f good jrpgs and tactical rpgs. I think that this game might be the rpg everyone have been waiting for, but it seems nobody gave it the attention it needs and this tactical rpg is being made by one of the greatest tactical rpgs makers which is Yasumi Matsuno.

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MWong1547d ago

I cannot wait to see more about this game.

darfour1547d ago

we need a new dungeon Hunter or at least a patch for it

Relientk771546d ago

I've definitely been waiting for a game like this

godofboobees1546d ago

I love the diversity of the group working on the game. Take my money!

SaiyanFury1546d ago

Final Fantasy Tactics made me a fan of all of these men. I love Yoshida's artworks, I really dig everything Sakimoto, and Matsuno is a visionary when it comes to RPGs. I can't wait to get this game whence it's available.

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