Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is One of the Most Emotional Experiences Gaming Has to Offer

Stephen from Leviathyn discusses the raw emotion prevalent throughout Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and how it redeems the game in spite of its flaws.

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LoliconMaster1637d ago

Play it a second time and it seems like every line of dialog is random. And the game play kinda sucked. The whole game was redeemed in the last 5 minutes when Zack dies. I'd give it 5/10.

Kurisu1637d ago

I thought it was good but it could have been better, however I loved the the ending. The gameplay was "ok" but I hated the randomness of that slot machine during battles.

Hicken1637d ago

Can't agree with the article, though I did really enjoy the game.

Can't agree with the ones above saying it sucks, either.

Kurisu1637d ago

Crisis Core didn't suck, I just said (looking back on it) that it could have been better. I still thoroughly enjoyed it at the time though as I was riding the AC / CC / DC (now that sucked) wave! I'm still holding out hope for a Vita version of Before Crisis as the formula it used on mobile would be perfect for the device with the cameras to take photos for materia etc. Then we can say we've experienced the full Compilation of FFVII :)

izumo_lee1637d ago

It was the great story and cast that stands out in the game. For being a portable game it was a marvel of what the PSP was capable of.

Sure the game play could've been refined but it was there to hold the story together, to get you to that next cut scene. One thing Square Enix always does right is in their cut scenes.

Hajime Tabata is a very under rated director at Square Enix and this game was one of the best Final Fantasy games we had last gen.