The Co-op Podcast 68: What Can Nintendo Do To Improve In 2014?

Gary A Swaby of The Koalition writes: We return with another video version of The Co-op, and this week's main discussion is centered on Nintendo. We asked the question What can Nintendo do to improve their 2014? Richard Bailey Jr. Edward Velazquez and I chime in with our personal opinions on Nintendo's possible future strategies.

Also we addressed Microsoft paying off Youtuber's to endorse the Xbox One. Is it such a bad thing, or was it really done in bad taste? Naughty Dog says we likely won't see either Uncharted 4 or a GOTY edition for The Last of Us in 2014, but how much did people really expect these games this year? Sony has been teasing a new Slim model, could it possibly be a slim Vita?

All this and more.

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rbailey1635d ago

First and foremost, Nintendo needs to acknowledge that they have alot of work to do and explore and and all options necessary to get back on top. The way in which they have remained arrogant in the past while ignoring the fact that the Wii U has no games is beyond stupid and they need to change that way of thinking from here on out. Third-party support is a lost cause now so if i was them I would be working on a ton of first-party titles and create other new IPs besides Mario games.

wonderfulmonkeyman1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I was going to post a heated response, but it's not worth the emotion, let alone the ban risk.
Instead, I'll just say that you're plain out and out wrong about the system having no games.

Dead wrong.
100% wrong.

5 million plus people are enjoying games on the system; that number of people aren't just browsing Miiverse and watching Netflix/Hulu all day on it.

If you've found no games worth playing on it, you haven't looked around to any substantial degree, because it's got plenty, and 2014 is going to be even better.

Having said that, I agree with your point about their first party and making new IP's.
But they've also done a lot of work with improving their standing with indies, and that's going to benefit them a lot in the long run.

They've also already admitted that they misread the market and that they need to change, so that part of your comment is kind of late in coming, though still perfectly valid.

My list of improvements for them are as follows...

They NEED:

Better advertisements and more of them.

More focus on smaller third parties instead of trying to win over the bigger ones that have lost interest.[with a few exceptions like Ubisoft, etc]
Also, keep on courting Indies; they're the in-roads to future big-name third parties, so establishing a good rapport with them while they're still young is crucial.

To create and perfect an account system to tie digital purchases to, instead of tying them to systems.

To start packing Pro Controllers into all future bundles, ALONGSIDE the Game Pad, to allow multiplayer right out of the box and improve the value of the bundles without raising or lowering the prices.

To stop keeping new projects and details on known projects secrets for so long.
They've almost released info on Zelda U TWICE NOW, but they've held back both times.
It's getting tiresome; we want more info to get excited for.

To use more of their IP's more often, by expanding their team sizes and creating new teams.
There's so many games they could be making right now, considering their expansive back-catalog, and they could probably get a few revivals of Sega games going too if they tried to strike up a few deals with them...

What they do NOT need to do, is listen to Pachter-ish suggestions like going third party, dropping the pad, cutting the price down to the Wii's level, going into the Mobile market, temporarily developing games for rival consoles, and other hair-brained schemes that would only do more harm than good to their brand name and company name in the long run.

deafdani1635d ago

I pretty much agree with everything you said, except the part about packing Pro Controllers into all future bundles, on top of the gamepad.

Don't get me wrong. That would be nice. But that would either ramp up the cost of the console for the consumer, or force Nintendo to lose more money per unit sold. None of these are good options, for the consumer, or for the company.

So, I'll just replace that point with:

"Come up with a redesign of the console made using cheaper components, and maybe even a smaller Gamepad, in order to allow them to cut the price down a bit more, so it becomes even more attractive to the consumer".

This is what Sony did with the PS3, after all. The Slim was made with cheaper plastic and cheaper components, and removed a few things, which allowed Sony to cut the price substantially. The "superslim" was made of even cheaper components (especially the sliding door, which came to replace the "sucking disc tray"), and Sony didn't cut the price with that new model... but that allowed them to sell it to a bigger profit.

wonderfulmonkeyman1635d ago

Smaller console, maybe.[though I don't see how they could do that without cutting back on the tech inside], but definitely not a smaller Game Pad.
The size of the screen is one of it's advantages; cut that down and suddenly the icons and maps and everything else that's touch-sensitive become smaller too, making it more likely for the player to accidentally touch something they didn't mean to if they've got big fingers.
In the interest of gameplay, I feel that the pad's screen should stay the same size.
And I still feel that the loss they'd eat by putting a Pro controller into the bundles would be worth it if it got the people who don't want it due to the game pad to actually buy the system.

deafdani1635d ago

Sorry, I think I wasn't clear enough. A Wii U redesign doesn't necessarily means making it smaller (although that would be a plus, of course). I was talking mainly about using cheaper components on the form of the console itself, not the internal hardware. The glossy plastic can be changed for a cheaper, matte one. The disc slot can be changed to a sliding door, which is much cheaper. That kind of thing.

As for the Gamepad: I don't mean making the screen drastically smaller. Just a pretty small reduction, just enough to allow them to make the overall console a bit cheaper, and well, I would personally love a smaller gamepad because it would be even more comfortable to hold. The current Gamepad isn't bad, but it could be improved.

Just look at the 3DS XL, for example. Its screens are almost twice the size of that of the regular 3DS, but the XL itself is barely 1/3 bigger. That is because the screen uses more space on the console in the XL case, proportionally speaking, than it does on the regular 3DS.

Maybe the same logic could be applied to the Gamepad. Make it a tad smaller, and try to keep the screen as big as possible. The screen could end up being a bit smaller, but not as small compared to the original screen, but the controller itself could be noticeably smaller. It's all a matter of smart design, something that I think Nintendo can pull off.

ZainreFang1635d ago

Sigh... Accidental disagree, but I agree with the part that third party support is a lost cause.

Yep1635d ago

A steady release of quality games and better advertising.

BattleAxe1635d ago

Release some games on Android, iPhone, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

wonderfulmonkeyman1635d ago

Just go buy a Nintendo console, already.
You'd be better off wishing for Halo to appear on the Virtual Boy.XD

BattleAxe1635d ago

Well don't worry, I'll be here when Nintendo surprises everyone :) It's simple industry economics, and if Iwata wont take the company forward into a direction which shows that they have a stable and profitable future, then shareholders will ensure that someone else will.

KonsoruMasuta1635d ago

No, it wouldn't. Both Sega and Atari, both once console makers, are both in situations where they are having money problems. You know nothing of industry economics.

BattleAxe1635d ago

Atari's and Sega's IPs are nowhere near as popular as Nintendo's, and they also don't have as many popular IPs as Nintendo. Why compare only to Sega and Atari? What about Activision and EA? Look at Rockstar Games, GTA is a money making machine which is available on almost every platform. You need to keep your emotions and your fanboyism out of this.

KonsoruMasuta1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

You're still not making sense. I compared Nintendo to Sega and Atari because they both were once console makers who went third party. EA, Activision, Rockstar were always third party developers, they never made any hardware or consoles, so comparing Nintendo to them wouldn't make sense. Atari and Sega on the other hand were once console makers who decided to go third party, so comparing Nintendo to them would make sense. EA, Rockstar, and Activision never depended on hardware, software makes their money. Nintendo's income on the other hand is largely from hardware. If they stopped making hardware they would stop receiving a large portion of their income. It would take years to adjust and adapt. There would also be massive layoffs and pay cuts because the hardware portion of the company would no longer be needed.

That's why Sega continued losing money for years, even after the move to third party. That's why Atari filed for bankruptcy not too long ago.

BattleAxe1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Right, and I still don't see your argument. If Nintendo goes 3rd party, are you saying that their Software isn't going to sell? Nintendo has some of the biggest franchises in gaming, so it only makes sense that they would make more money releasing on other platforms.

Name one Sega or Atari franchise that is anywhere near as big as Super Mario, Zelda, Super Smash Bros or Metroid? Do you get the point now? If Activision can make billions from Call of Duty, do you not think that Nintendo is capable of doing that also? I would think that a Nintendo fanboy would at least agree with that.

I should also say that the reason that I threw EA and Activision in there is precisely because they depend solely on Software. If they can do it, so can Nintendo.

To think that Nintendo would not make more money by selling on Android, iPhone, PC, PS4 and Xbox One is just plain stupid.

" There would also be massive layoffs and pay cuts because the hardware portion of the company would no longer be needed"

You are correct, they would need to change the business, which is what they need to do. If they're losing money, they can't keep doing things the same way. Getting rid of hardware would cut their costs by a large margin and get rid of a huge burden. Hardware is generally 'low margin' while software is generally 'high margin' when it comes to profits.

NihonjinChick1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Pardon me but I feel like I should intrude.

" Name one Sega or Atari franchise that is anywhere near as big as Super Mario, Zelda, Super Smash Bros or Metroid?"

I can do that....

Sonic (This one is obvious)
Sega All Star Racing
Super Monkey Ball
Virtual Fighter
Phantasy Star

My knowledge of Atari is limited though.

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RPG_Lover1635d ago

Nintendo had the best 2013 of any company, and this bs podcast comes out?

deafdani1635d ago

The best 2013, when it comes to the 3DS? Yes, definitely.

But Wii U? Nope.

It's not all black / white.

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