Pachter: “I Don’t Think The Wii U Can Recover, Screwed it Up Royally”

Gamnesia: ""So, no, I don't think they recover. I think they screwed that up royally. They're going to have to scrap it. - Michael Pachter""

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360ICE1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

I hope so. The pad gimmick isn't all that good, and most of the games I want for it are best played with a pro controller.

Jay70sgamer1577d ago

I disagree the gamepad is just as good as the pro controller and if you don't like gamepad buy the pro controller's better to have an option than none...just saying

hellzsupernova1577d ago

Why can't the game pad be optional though and it come with the pro controller?

Metallox1577d ago

@hellzsupernova The Pro Controller doesn't have headset support. And I can't play Pikmin 3 without the Gamepad.

rambi801577d ago

They said the same thing about the ps3 for about 3 years.

Thing is, nintendo are the only one dedicated to family gaming and is cheaper...that buys them some time.

360ICE1577d ago

If I prefer the pro controller, then there's at least one console made entirely around that concept: PlayStation 4.

Games like Windwaker HD, Mario Kart, Smash Bros and Super Mario 3D world - the console's best games - all seem like they're best played with the pro controller to me. Maybe a Zelda game comes along and uses the pad controller well, but is that worth having to buy that thing?

sinjonezp1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Usually i think pach is a douche, and i hate to say it, but i agree on this one. Nintendo made significant mistakes; fro naming the product wiiU which is too close to Wii, poor marketing, lack of 3rd party support, lack of continuous quality software, lack of dynamic internet structure, gamepad gimmicks, etc etc. I am a big nintendo fan and i say it all the time, but Nintendo did have its share of miss ques with the wiiU. Agree ? Disagree? I hear people say its an awesome system, while most has moved to ps4 and x1 cause of the messaging. Do we want a hardware platform thats closer to old gen with marginal software support or new gen hardware with next gen.visuals. i think the numbers speak when you see the ps4 selling almost the same amount globally as the wiiU in 3 months. I hope the best for Nintendo and will offer support through my DS.

ZodTheRipper1577d ago

Pachter is such an idiot, you don't like the WiiU we got it by now ...I think this will look very different after Smash Bros, Mario Kart & Zelda haven been released.

blastermaster771577d ago

because there games that if you dont have the gamepad wont work example the recently relased inde game unepic, it needs the gamepad and its wonderfull!

ChickeyCantor1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

"If I prefer the pro controller, then there's at least one console made entirely around that concept: "

You're asking for fragmentation. Not only will this piss off developers it will confuse consumers even more.

It's like getting mad at Sony for promoting the PS4 for the social media features and then saying you don't play games online anyways. And instead Sony should create a system around offline play.

Why should they? It's their selling points, why else promote your system with it to begin with?

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NiteX1577d ago

Actually try it before you knock it.

MrSwankSinatra1577d ago

I tried it and it's not practical sorry...

hulk_bash19871577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

How is it not practical? It is light enough to use without discomfort and the screen gives some added functionality.

Yodagamer1577d ago

The pad isn't a gimmick really, it adds to the experience and tbh most games only use the buttons (that are literately the same as most controller) with the touch screen limited to inventory, menu, etc. It's not a gimmick it helped me enjoy darksiders II because of the inventory stuff.

Vegamyster1577d ago

Using it for menu's and such is so much better then scrolling through things and the same goes for apps such as Youtube ect. Skyrim or the next Fallout would be a perfect fit for the gamepad.

clouds51577d ago

There is soo much potential with the gamepad. If people don't see that then they haven't tried it or are just plain ignorant. Or lack imagination...
It adds so much to games, it's the perfect device for map and inventory management. I even prefer it to mouse and keyboard which is already better than scrolling through endless menus with the dpad.
It has already been used in some very cool ways in darksiders 2, batman arkham city and of course zombiU.

The main reason I love the wii u is the gamepad. Even browsing is a blast with it!

Debaitable1577d ago

I enjoy my Wii U and the game pad is something different for a change. Pretty neat IMO. My biggest let down is that you can only use one gamepad per console. I just found that out recently and completely crushed my dreams of real 4 player split screen.

Now if Nintendo did scrap the Wii U for a more powerful console that allows for multiple gamepads? I wouldn't mind paying a fee for the small upgrade.

Concertoine1577d ago

Theres the ability for more gamepads, nintendo have just yet to make a game that supports it. I doubt they will until years later, when they van fully utilize the hardware because that's probably a very taxing task.

GordonKnight1577d ago

Nintendo should make a add-on to the Wii U. The two gamepads on one system made me think of this.

If they made another system with PS4 specs that comes with a gamepad and then combine it with the Wii U.

It will be call Wii U2.

This way you would have two gamepads for muliplayer and enough power for 3rd party companies.

I still think Nintendo wouldn't get 3rd support even if the Wii U had twice the power of the PS4.

It would be even cooler if you could have them on separate TVs.

This is just a dream though.

7uff11577d ago

The GamePad is great, if only Nintendo kept using it like they did on Nintendo Land and ZombiU...

ricochetmg1577d ago

The gamepad is one of the best controllers out there once you get it in your hands you all will love it. This is from a sony fanboy.

Picnic1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

It wasn't made for typical FPS games though. That would be like trying to shoot somebody with sponge bullets. It was ideal for the Gamecube- I love how that console was so cute looking, its games were often cute looking and yet they could be so hardcore which, frankly, confused the market- Viewtiful Joe, Super Monkey Ball. It was a strange time, immediately post-Dreamcast, but interesting for it. Once we got to 2004 and all the sequels, then RE4, everything became a bit more predictable in gaming but some games makers are so skilled at mixing genres now that it can be a dream to play many games now.

mzupeman1577d ago

How much more unpleasant would a game like Wind Waker HD be WITHOUT the gamepad? Inventory management is a dream.

Chrischi19881577d ago

1. It is not a gimmick, games like X will show it off. Of course in a FIFA game we dont have real use for it, but the reason why it was included in every Wii U is, that it is not a gimmick, not like Playstation Move or the first Kinect, where only like 10% of the consoles owner actually bought one.

2. the buttons are all at the same area, unless you dont use your right hand to use the left sticks or the L buttons, it plays exactly like the pro controller, it doesnt weight much more or anything.

Baccra171577d ago

Smartest thing Pach has ever said.

bigfish1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

I predicted the WII U would flop - came true

I predicted the Xbox 360 would finish 3rd - came true

**I predict PS4 will be the best selling console of all time - watch this space**

Reeze1577d ago

Skyrim is a good example. You're having an action-packed battle and... shoot. You need a different type of magic. Sigh... Stop the battle, go through a few menus, oh! Now you can use what you want!

With the Gamepad, all of that can be done with a single tap and battles would be much smoother.

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maniacmayhem1577d ago

Pachter on his 84 yo mom playing the WiiU:

"She wanted to know if we had any new consoles. We handed her the GamePad she was completely baffled - no idea what to do with it."

That's the problem with the WiiU and the stigma the Wii has left behind. The WiiU isn't for the 84 year old mother it's for the younger kids and the rest of the gaming audience. Which is why Nintendo should have went with a different name for their new system.

My 4 yo nephew can pick up the tablet and navigate and play just fine with the WiiU.

Reeze1577d ago

Here's kind of a funny story:

My mom is really not advanced with technology. I had to make a guide with pictures to teach her how to copy and paste.

We tried playing Wii Party U as a family, and it didn't really work because she kept asking...

Mom: Wait how do I hold it?
Me: You hold the sides like this.
Mom: What are the buttons for? Do I press them now? *presses B*
My sister: No, you press them when the screen tells you to.
Mom: So I press it now?
Me: No, it says to tap the screen.
Mom: Tap the screen where?
Me: Tap the choice you want.
Mom: So I just hold it up to my face and take a picture?
My sister: Yes, you make the face it tells you to make.
Mom: *smiles* How do I press the button?
Me: You push the button in the back.
Mom: Where is that? Do I stop making the face?
My sister: *Pushes the button for her*

The picture showed up on the screen with four outrageous options... and she was just smiling like she was posing for a normal picture.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1577d ago

Theres no way Nintendo is gonna scrap it. If anything it gets gamecube sales possibly more if their lucky. After that tho they need to step up in every aspect on their next console.

AKR1577d ago

I believe that it can.

It has some notable plus-points, the main one being that it has Nintendo's IPs on it's side; which are some of the biggest gaming icons in the entire industry.

Jay70sgamer1577d ago

AKR I hit disagree by accident ..I meant I agree they can turn it around .....

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