Cradle seeks $350,000 for immersive open world RPG

Pittsburgh-based Mojo Games is hunting for funds on Kickstarter for an epic RPG set in a sprawling mythical world. As such a large project, the estimated release date is scheduled for June 2016. Alpha access (which players can bag for $35) is due for December.

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SlapHappyJesus1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

There's not a lot to go on to make me actually want to back the game. They have some interesting ideas, not to mention they are a local development team, but I really don't see the push here to make me actually want to back the project.
Best of luck to them though. Hopefully they find the cash needed to get the game out. I may just grab it if so.

webeblazing1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

they need work on communication lol. but im think im going to back them because of the concept of players intent. it sounds like a good idea. like the self definsive law. you know under the waist rule. thats what i get from the video and them talking. plus theyre young devs around the same age as me(younger tho). its hard for alot of young people start companies its not easy for anybody to start companies in the US, not like it use to be for young people to do it. but the concept about the battle gameplay forgot the name said theyre doing the same thing. not the intent but the physic of how you hit. like you hit at perfect distance or you strike and your sword hit the wall and it slows down before it hit the person, etc. if im wrong my fault, never the less it sounds good.

the gfx also looks great. didnt expect that either. dense forest and particle effects. i gotta look out for this one. hopefully they get to their goal because i love when pc devs push the platform to its limits.

i guess crytek wasnt lying 5yrs ago when they said a lot of dev will be using their engine

ShadowL91637d ago

My friend is the art designer, Nathan. Went to high school together and he is a great guy. Hoping this game makes it, even if I don't have a PC that can run anything made in the last ten years lol.