Out With The New, In With The Old: The Situation With Black Tusk Studios and Gears of War

Ian Fisher writes: Now I won’t say that this was a megaton reveal since most people immediately associate the Gears series with the Xbox platform so it’s not a betrayal-a-ton scenario akin to when Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIII would be going multiplatform back in 2006. However, what I found to be really interesting, and to be the source for my disappointment, was that the newly formed Black Tusk Studios was now assigned to be the team responsible for ushering in this new era of Gears onto the Xbox One.

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SpideySpeakz1702d ago

I swear I remember Xbox fans saying how GoW was dead when the announcement came out that it may come to the PS4.
The change of heart just proves it's all brand loyalty, and they have absolutely NO creative opinion about video games.

As for GoW, well what can I say? It's MS's milking cow, simply as that. The game could sell billions, and still be garbage. Take a look at CoD.

Bolts-N-Rays11091702d ago

So I guess Naughty Dog is milking Uncharted then? How many God of War or Killzone games have their been?

refocusedman1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Whoa......... I understand your point but, please dont mention naughty dog and the uncharted series in the same breath with Gears. Gears is a great IP but, Uncharted it is not.

truefan11702d ago

Exactly, I don't think xbox gamers would disrespect GOW, yes judgement was a step back, but GOW 123 were classics. If I remember correctly, ps4 fans were clamoring for GOW to go to ps4, but now it sucks again since it's exclusive. Lastly the article is definitely jumping to conclusions about the unknown title black tusk was working on. If it was that spy game at e3, they would he fools to cancel it and I would be the first to say it. All in all Microsoft is bringing the games, as XB1 we just have to support them.

GusBricker1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )


Uhhh, why not? They both look fantastic and Gears beats Uncharted in a couple areas. It's cover system and gunplay are much better and Gears gave us the best split screen co-op of last gen. I don't think I had more fun than when I was playing through the campaigns with my boys. It was so damn intense.

TheDevKit1702d ago

It boggles my mind people on this site can't seem to figure out the meaning of "subjective."

Seriously, Gears or Uncharted; they're both great franchises, and I have a tremendous respect for Epic and Naughty Dog.

mrpsychoticstalker1701d ago

I agree, just check the link.

Oh and @masseffect

Have you forgotten how many years passed before the released of mass effect on PlayStation? Nice milking from Sony there.

Gears of war is by no meana garbage, agqin... just check the link.

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lifeisgamesok1702d ago

Don't ever in your life compare a excellent game like Gears of War to COD

StealthPandemic1702d ago

Sony is milking GT, Killzone, Uncharted, GoW.

N4Gpower1702d ago

- GT is already dead with GT5/6

- Killzone SF is considered like the worst episod in the series, and it is rather mis-sold, compared to the rather large fleet of PS4. (This series has no identity against Halo)

- God of war ascension is a substitute for God of war 3, lamps repeatedly, short and boring. The creator of the series has left Santa Monica to work at Crytek, presumably to assist in developing the next Ryse example. So "GOW" died.

HammerKong1702d ago

wow you are compaering gears of from shit like cod ,go home kid and dont:(,i know its sad for you fanboys,you want want anybody to concur your SHIT.

Mister_Dawg1702d ago

I've never said Gears was dead. Why would I? The game mechanic is first class and horde mode is the best multiplayer I've played all last gen.

Nocando1702d ago

I am an Xbox fan and at best cautiously optimistic about another Gears installment. I believe that could be said for many of us.

Baccra171702d ago

If it takes MS to "milk the cow" in order for GOW to get a great story for once in it's life, then so be it.

And maybe this time we'll actually get the scene from the first commercial in the game.

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christocolus1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I hope blacktusk keeps working on both ips side by side cos they have been working the other project for a while now.

mhunterjr1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I didn't get any indication that production black tusks other project was canned... Unless I missed something...

GusBricker1702d ago

I don't think it was canned as much as it never existed.

They've probably been throwing around ideas or helping with other projects, etc.

Gabenbrah1702d ago

I heard that Black Tusk Studios game was behind in development, that's why we barely saw anything at E3 from them, not to mention it was a tech demo. I'd personally love to see Black Tusk make a Gears of War game first and then move onto their new IP.

Roccetarius1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Halting development on the new game is ridiculous, if that's what's happening. Release the new game first, then do Gears afterwards.

If their intention is multiple games, switch between the two IP's.

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