Top Five Best Final Fantasy XIII Characters

JPS Writes: "With Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII finally releasing in the US in only a couple weeks, I thought it would be a good time to look back at the two Final Fantasy XIII games thus far. As a result, I came up with a list of my top five favorite characters from either Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy XIII-2. Yes, I know the Final Fantasy XIII games get a lot of hate, but I actually quite enjoyed the games, especially Final Fantasy XIII-2, and this was helped by some very enjoyable characters in there along the way."

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UltimateMaster1696d ago

-Snow (Because Troy Baker is Awesome, his outfit in FFXIII-2)
-Lightning (Better in Dissidia 012)
-Gadot (The Hair Style and good sidekick)
-Fang (She's just Badass)
-Serah (Because they aren't that many great characters to begin with)

WildArmed1695d ago

Definitely agree w/ Snow and Fang. Would have put them in there.

Fang easily tops my list, followed by Caius.

PeaSFor1695d ago

Vanille, she can make you kill yourself with her annoying voice.

Nerdmaster1695d ago

To be fair, even if she had a different voice, her personality alone would make me want to kill myself. In fact, this scene alone almost made me throw my PS3 through the window:

Hicken1695d ago

No Sazh? Arguably the best character in the trilogy.

Pozzle1695d ago

I agree! Sazh's story was the main reason I kept playing FFXIII even through the worst parts. I didn't care much for Lightning or whether she would save Serah. I just wanted to know if Sazzh would get his son back.

LightofDarkness1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

The only two characters worth a damn were Sazh and Fang. Why either of those two characters wasn't the lead is mind-boggling. Lightning's connection to the plot in the first game was tenuous at best.

Snow had more motivation than she did for finding Serah. Fang and Vanille were destined to become Ragnarok. Hope's mother was killed, and he blamed Snow for allowing her to participate in the coup. Almost every character in the game was more relevant to the plot than Lightning. She just happened to be there, she barely cared about Serah to begin with and she didn't even develop over the course of the game, she just remained stoic and unpleasant.

She just realized that she couldn't do it all on her own, but being a military/security force member, I'm sure she knows all of that quite well enough.

Lightning is right up there with Vaan and Tidus for most pointless main/protagonist in a Final Fantasy game.

FalconSabre1695d ago

Snow and Fang were definitely the next two that would have been on my list if I went with more than five.

LAWSON721695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Snow (Troy Baker is a boss)

Worthy mention

Dasteru1695d ago

What about it not having your favorite character, makes it a "fake" list? I think you need to look up the meaning of the word.

chikane1694d ago

Ok daddy please don't spank me next..

and its my opinion not yours -__

Dasteru1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

It isn't a matter of opinion, fake is the wrong word. It should be "Bad list"

Last_Boss1695d ago

I loved the Cid in this game, so many characters, and stories unused.

Loved the trilogy, but time to move on.

FF XV, here we go.

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