Are the PS4 and Xbox One still Missing Something Important

We are months into the release of next-gen Microsoft and Sony consoles; there has been a lot of talk and much less action. Gamers are sitting with their next-gen consoles claiming to love it but are really waiting for something to happen.

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TheSuperior 1700d ago

I think Next Gen is missing somthing and thats currently games (will be fixed soon). It feels good to have next gen but I cant help but feel it was rushed. None of my old playing friends have it yet and they are perfectly fine with their old gen systems. There needs to be an exclusive next-gen game to take over before we truly see what next-gen is all about. For now... really... its all talk no action.

Sayai jin1700d ago

No they are not and I base that on the fact that they just launched. Most will say games, but honestly this is probably the best launch line-up for both consoles in recent memory. Most people forget what is was like when the 360 and PS3 launch. Other features like apps, streaming services, etc will be added in the near future. We just have to be patient.

Sitdown1700d ago

I actually think The 360 had a stronger line up. Condemned, Kameo, typical sports titles, Project Gotham, Perfect Dark, Call of Duty, etc..... had about 18 launch titles.

nix1700d ago

though both systems have some games, i'll still have to say games because there aren't much games i like. i'll pick it up after 6 months when there are enough games for me to choose from.

i picked up PS3 after one year of release... so i guess i can wait.

Chupa-Chupa1700d ago

give me MLB 14 the show and a way to play all my PS3 games on my PS4, and I'm jumping to next-gen. The PS3 is still the best right now.

joab7771700d ago

I really wouldn't b playing anything on my ps3 that cant play on my ps4 right now. Im a huge rpg fan so to tide me over I tried DCUO and its amazing. I am loving it. Totally worth. Will hit up my 360 for Dark Souls 2 but its only about 6 weeks before alot of content begins to drop.

lazyboyblue1700d ago

We're just waiting on a good mix of games. But they're coming and meanwhile I have my ps3 😸

MasterCornholio1700d ago

Funny thing is even with my purchase of my PS4 I still play games on my PS3.

Thank you playstation plus for giving me a reason to keep my console. And tomorrow its Metro and BioShock day for me.


Vanfernal1700d ago

Well I don't know about the Xbox, but I really think that the PS4 needs PSOne backward compatibility. I mean, every Sony system ever is able to play PS1 games so I don't see a reason why the PS4 shouldn't be able to. It feels kind of empty that apart from playing ps4 games and watching streaming videos there's not a wholellot of use for my ps4, versus my Vita which has a HUGE gallery of games spanning 3 systems, PS1, PSP and Vita.

Tldr: PSOne emulation. I need my fix of Tomba!

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The story is too old to be commented.