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Hardcore Gamer: Although the PlayStation 4 ended up being a hot, hard to find Christmas item as anticipated, it’s slowly been becoming more readily available in the month since.

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XiSasukeUchiha1392d ago

Again hurry before the wonderful PS4s are gone!

mewhy321392d ago

These PS4's will be sold out in minutes.

ThunderSpark1392d ago

There's probably an article in the pending section that's titled, "And Now It's Not"

PS4's seem to just walk out of the delivery truck. Very strange phenomena indeed.

thorstein1392d ago

From Albany to Buffalo, NY it is unavailable in all but 5 stores. So get out there, call ahead and get BF4, because I need some noobs to kill!

bessy671392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

Why would you think they would suddenly sell out? They've been available on for 3-4 days now...

Studio-YaMi1392d ago

Get the hot cakes while they are HOT people! :D

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hduce1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

I guess the area I live in is antiPS4 or antivideogames period because the PS4 and Xbox One where in good supply and readily available on Christmas eve and the PS4 is in stock at my nearest Best Buy now. Just for amusement select in store pick up at Muncy, PA. or use zipcode 17701.

WeAreLegion1392d ago

Every retailer had them on Christmas Eve. It was a big shipment of PS4's.

hduce1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

I guess the point of them being currently available at my local Best Buy was totally missed. The Wal-Mart in my area has some as well.

Sarcasm1392d ago

Why do I taste salt from this guy's article.

GraveLord1392d ago

I bet by the time this is approved they will all be gone :D

amiga-man1392d ago

It's amazing how we are heading towards February that the PS4 still isnt generally available despite Sony's best efforts, demand for this machine just keeps going.

FITgamer1392d ago

They been available for a few days, at least the bundles. I tried to order the stand alone SKU for a friend yesterday, but they were only available for in store pick up. I manage to snag one from amazon though.

ChaosKnight1392d ago

YES! I can finally play Knack!

GarrusVakarian1392d ago

People are going to think you are trolling with that comment. I actually watched some Knack livstreams over the weekend and i thought it looked pretty fun. Very, very obvious that it's a throwback to the oldschool platformers. It's exactly the kind of game i played as a kid (Crash Bandicoot).

I'm going to wait for it to drop top £20 then snag it, **** the haters.

Nawert1392d ago

I loved the game. Played co-op with my wife and we both really enjoyed the game.

DigitalHope1392d ago

I just picked up Knack a few days ago as I got it as a prize from work. Although I wouldn't call it next-gen it is actually quite fun and challenging.

I would say Knack is a show case game. Really shows a lot of particle effects and lighting effects.

What impressed me the most about Knack is the surround sound DTS coding. Impressive sound immersion, best I've experienced on the PS4 yet.

ScubaSteve11392d ago

ugh i need to come up with 400 dollars asap

kneon1392d ago

I think that's the way it will go until after the launch in Japan. I'm sure a large chunk of the production is heading there.

T21392d ago

dammit, I walked into futureshop and saw three ps4's today... my heart lit up instantly... then the smarter, more pessimistic side of me took over and I walked over and poked the boxes.... EMPTY... gddm futureshop lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.