Want to be in an inFAMOUS: Second Son Commercial? Extras Needed for This Friday's Shoot

An inFAMOUS: Second Son casting call for background extras has been announced for filming of their live action commercial this Friday, specifically for those in the Atlanta, GA area.

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majiebeast1666d ago

Lets hope we see Sony giving this franchise a big marketing push.

GentlemenRUs1666d ago

I would... But I don't live in murica.

Irishguy951666d ago

Can someon tell me, does Delsin have infinite 'power' in this game, Cole needed to charge up to use powers, does Delsin not need to do that? If so how are they going about balancing the game in that case? Is there a reason to use normal blasts over more powerful I mean?? I know charging Neon/smoke is how you switch powers, but can you spam them to kingdom come when you have them active? Or was it just god mode or something on in the previous demos?

xHeavYx1666d ago

I read somewhere that you have some type of "stamina bar" for powers

emad-E-three1666d ago

He needs to drain SMOKE and you can see it I believe in the E3 trailer draining from police car! So its not infinite.

CocoWolfie1666d ago

if you get to go.. i hat.. have fun! :) ..but seriously enjoy if you can, i wish i could even as an extra, thats cool

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