Thank God, inFamous Second Son won’t feature Multiplayer

onPause writes:

inFamouns Second Son will not feature multiplayer in a traditional sense which is music to my ears. Too often do we get tacked on multiplayer modes in games that really don’t add much if anything to the overall experience – Tomb Raider and BioShock 2 come to mind here.

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GraveLord1634d ago

Tacked-on multiplayer is never a good idea. I'd like to see inFamous have multiplayer but only if done right.

UnrealThreats1634d ago

I would of loved to see a gta-like open world co-op, but I think SP will do for now ;)

mcroddi1634d ago

It would be neat to see but I'm sure it just hasn't worked in their prototyping.

firelogic1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I don't see why people are so against MP in games. I personally don't play MP but I'm not going to go nuts if a game has an MP mode.

You can try it and if you don't like it, never touch it again. What's the big deal?

MP is usually done by a different team, and sometimes a different developer. SP and MP budgets are separate. It's not a given that if they scrapped the MP mode, they'd be able to siphon that money over to SP. If a movie has production costs of $100 million and has a $30 million advertising budget, if they decide to increase/decrease advertising, it's not going into or coming out of the production budget.

So where's the problem exactly?

You're not losing time out of SP and you're not losing money out of SP.

mcroddi1634d ago

Wait, since when are those budgets separate. News to me. Also, even if money isn't the issue, resources are. Man hours spent on a task count as such.

GameSpawn1634d ago

Some game developers split the development between two teams or even outsource completely. It has to do with streamlining the development process to get the game out quicker than if one team developed both portions.

The problem with this is continuity of development. One mode may end up more polished then the other if one team doesn't utilize the shared assets as well as the other team does. This is usually why you can have "glitchy" multiplayer yet almost flawless single player or vice versa.

Infamous 2 had pseudo online elements in the form of custom sandbox missions that got shared online. Some of these were kind of fun and I hope they bring the mission sandbox back in Second Son. I can only imagine how creative people will get with new powers, enemies, and elements.

mcroddi1634d ago

Good points but if there was no MP, the budget would not need to be cut in half to begin with.