Sony Probably Planning to Bring SingStar to the PS4

SingStar is one of the most successful casual franchises in Sony Computer Entertainment’s portfolio, and today a new career opportunity ad seeking a Senior Programmer for SCE London Studio hints to the fact that the franchise is going to land on PS4.

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GraveLord1697d ago


Xbox One is done.

JoGam1697d ago

Actually, I hope they do bring it to PS4. I really enjoyed it on PS3.

abzdine1697d ago

SingStar is an amazing series and multimillion seller. no doubt we'll see it on PS4 and even F2P like PS3

a08andan1697d ago

I thought about this yesterday :D I love to sing and those games are quite fun xD

FamilyGuy1697d ago

Live PS4 streams of people singing in their underwear inbound!

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Omegasyde1697d ago

I tweeted SingstarHQ and they stated nothing has been announced yet but maybe in 2014 ;)

I have approximately 400$+ dollars in DLC for singstar + all the Singstar games (but the Euro) one.

Great game when played with friends and alcohol.

OmegaShen1697d ago

Hope they do, an fix the problem that songs you buy are only link to the system you brought them from.

sprinterboy1697d ago

You have to ring Sony to swap your songs over to another system, it takes 7 days. I did this for Xmas and swapped my singstar library over to my mum and dads ps3 while I stopped there for Xmas. It is a slight pain but it's something to do with the copyright but Sony do allow it.

OmegaShen1697d ago

Only took me mins, but its a pain. I don't think copyrights really matter, they can just put songs in your download list like other music games do.

Omegasyde1697d ago

I remember I had to do the same when one of PS3 died(day 1 console after 5 years). I called Sony to transfer my licenses and dlc to my new ps3.

The SCEA Customer rep said it was a one time thing. I immediately got pissed and said look how much I spend on this title and I date them to cut me off.

I got a manager who apologized and stated this was policy. I threatened to sue as the original EULA would of been violated. Manager folded real quick.

XiSasukeUchiha1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Hmm yep xbone might be done before our eyes!

360ICE1697d ago

Well, it has to hurry up. My eyes are just about done.

BG115791697d ago

No!!! I hate these kind of games!!!

Imalwaysright1697d ago

No one is forcing you to play them.

Fez1697d ago

As long as they don't plaster the game icon on the UI to try and get you to play. That really pisses me off on PS3.

Omegasyde1697d ago

@fez I don't think they will. Atleast not yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.