Blueside: "PS4 Best Hardware In Console History"

Blueside on why they chose to develop Kingdom Under Fire II on PlayStation 4 and how they're using the DualShock 4 touchpad to get RTS management right.

There's still hope for an Xbox One version, though.

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Why o why1574d ago

Kinda guessed that but thanks for sharing all the same

GarrusVakarian1574d ago

Blueside, telling it like it is.


johndoe112111574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

I'm glad more and more developers are coming out and speaking their mind and are not trying to deceive the masses by making false statements so as not to upset "a certain console manufacturer".

This way people can have all the facts before them and make informed decisions about what console they are gonna buy.

If you prefer the xbox exclusives then go for the xbox if you prefer the ps exclusives then go for the ps. If you're srtictly into multiplats then go for the ps4. If you're into tv and kinect then go for the xbox.

This gen will be epic for sony. As the ps4 hardware evolves I think we'll be getting titles that will be giving pc a run for it's money.I can't even fathom what first party games are gonna look like. This will be the best gen ever for gaming.

MRMagoo1231574d ago

Can't blame devs for telling the truth, it is def the best hardware ever created in a console , no other currently released console compares to it, and that's a good thing because the higher the roof the bigger potential there is for the games to grow into what we want as gamers.

@georgenoob in your opinion the xbone games are better , in most ppls opinion ps4 has better games and will continue to have better games as last gen, still completely off topic tho considering this is about hardware and I can bet it hurt just saying "hardware wise maybe" tho it's not "maybe" it's 200% confirmed now that the ps4 has a big gap in power now and will continue to grow.

I'm sure xbone games will be fun but none will compare to ps4 this gen exclusives multiplats and even indies will be better on ps4 IMO and most others too, hence the sales gap.

vlashyr1574d ago

Yeah, of course in the end there will be many fun Xbox One games, but there were for GameCube, N64 and Dreamcast as well... Xbox One will do better than those but certainly not as good as PS4 or even the 360.

malokevi1574d ago

lol. No kidding. Although, a small part of me would have guessed Dreamcast.

Stating the obvious is the new black.

Festano1574d ago

It's true, PS4 is probably the best console hardware ever conceived.

georgeenoob1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Not true. Hardware wise, maybe. I don't know about you but I usually like the console with the beset games, And Xbox definitely has the best games IMO. It has the most AAAs by a long shot though and that's a FACT.


MS basically announced the next Crackdown and Gears of War today, at the most random time ever. You can only imagine what they have in store for this E3 and the next year to come.

Sharky2311574d ago

Say that in 2 years. Sony's AAA games are coming. I will say right now AAA wise xbox one has a slight edge , but Sony's moment is coming.

Whiskeyjacked871574d ago

Ummmm GOTY!!! The Last of Us. Check it out.

Studio-YaMi1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

"It's true, PS4 is probably the best console hardware ever conceived."

That's what the guy said,try focusing George!
Here is a hint for you : "Best Console Hardware".

"And Xbox definitely has the best games IMO"

Exactly,it's "your opinion",and since you're a Xbox fanboy,your "opinion" isn't relevant tbh.

T21574d ago

dude crackdown 2 was trash, why do people keep spouting this nonsense? I literally swore at my friend for convincing me to buy it. Plus the idea isn't even original, you are a cop fighting some criminal orgs, and zombies come out at night. Dynasty warriors rehashed every year is about as interesting, just with melee weapons instead of guns.

But as you are a known shill, it should be expected that you would name every single game that MS ever possibly conceived (nevermind if they are out in 2017) and name them as the greatest game ever and upcoming as well.... why didn't you give up after RYSE got its first 6/10

scott1821574d ago

Ps4 has the best meta rated launch games... That pretty much stomps the games argument, plus sony's studios always deliver the goods.

HaveAsandwich1574d ago

gears is a reason i bought ps4. tired of it. tired of gears, forza, halo.

Alexious1574d ago

What next Crackdown? Ruffian Games is doing something else entirely, an indie game with Square Enix... And Gears of War by an entirely new developer isn't exactly a certainty.

MysticStrummer1574d ago

Yes George, you definitely have an opinion.

TheUltimateGamer1574d ago

I think I would have to agree.. I've always preferred Xbox only titles.

This generation of consoles is going to be fun to watch either way. I'm glad I have both to ride out all the fun :)

GarrusVakarian1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

" It has the most AAAs by a long shot though and that's a FACT. "

That's your problem right there, it's all about quantity with you guys. All you care about is quantity of games.

Quality > quanitity. I'll take Infamous SS and Driveclub over a 4 hour linear hack and slash that can't even hold 30fps at 900p and a cancelled 360 generic zombie game that can't even hold 30fps at 720p....are those really the games you are bragging about here? Really? Those games would be unacceptable on the PS4 as exclusive titles. PS exclusives are of a much higher quality than that, any PS gamer will tell you the same. Those 2 games are just multiplat quality that happen to be exclusive to the company that bought them out to buff their launch numbers.

Funny how all you guys talk about now is exclusives, exclusives are the only numbers that matter now. Even though multiplats will make up the majority of games this gen, as they do every gen. And if these 2 short months are anything to go by, then im glad PS4 is my main console.

The PS4 is the wisest long term investment, just stop living in the here and now for one minute and look at each companies track record for exclusives. PS3 still supported TO THIS DAY with great exclusives, while the 360 is a wasteland. Once Sony's 1st parties start revealing their games it's going to be business as usual, exclusives on tap, add to those... superior versions of pretty much all multplats (apart from ones that aim for parity) and some really great indies and it's as i said, PS4 is the wisest long term investment.

Silly gameAr1574d ago

Crackdown and Gears? Oh boy!

SonyAddict1573d ago

So what happened to new IP!,eh?.

Festano1573d ago

We are talking about hardware not game.

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DigitalRaptor1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Well yes, it is the most powerful console ever created, by quite a significant margin.

It's an engineering marvel and as far as development goes, offers immediate benefits to those looking to get the most out of the hardware. Pedal to the metal development.

vlashyr1574d ago

In terms of hardware, it is simply great. Now it's up to the devs to make it shine, they have no excuses like "Cell is too complicated" or anything like that

nope1111574d ago

Man, i can't believe KuF2 i finally getting somewhere. SO EXCITED!!!

Alexious1574d ago

You and me both, man. You and me both!

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