Problems with the Platinum Trophy

There are problems with the Platinum Trophy, and the solution is easier than you might think.

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McScroggz1661d ago

I too don't like multiplayer trophies in general. I'd like to see games that aren't focused on multiplayer (Call of Duty/Battlefield) have a platinum that didn't have any multiplayer trophies for it and possibly the developer could have a separate, smaller trophy list for online play. And, since many of the best multiplayer experiences evolve and grow over time the developer could add trophies as they see fit.

I'd love to see a situation where a user creates a game type that is popular enough that the developer puts it into the official list of gametypes, and then there is a trophy associated with it.

Granted, I think that for the most part this won't happen because base trophies amount for roughly the same for every game. Still, I do hope to see the formula evolve.

Mikey322301661d ago

I also follow those basic rules when going for a platinum:

"1. I adore the game and enjoy every last moment of it.
2. There are no stupid multiplayer trophies."

Except i dont necessarily find multiplayer trophies stupid. I guess my rules would instead be

I also hate the hidden trophies... i understand that sometimes they need to be hidden to avoid spoilers in the single player - but if u beat single player and trophies are still hidden, its pointless. you will have to go look the up online anyways if you really want them. So why make them hidden?

admiralvic1661d ago

"Except i dont necessarily find multiplayer trophies stupid. I guess my rules would instead be "

I don't like to use absolutes, but multiplayer trophies are stupid. Even if it is play 10 games online, they're not productive. When you have trophies like that, people interested in the platinum / 1,000 just power through them. They might join a game, do nothing and let you win, which ultimately lowers your enjoyment. Who wants to play a fighting game where the other person doesn't fight? Who wants to play a shooter where your teammate is off watching cartoons to rack up plays? etc.

Since they "force" people to do something that affects other peoples enjoyment, they're ultimately stupid and worthless. Especially when they require you to do something really needless, like kill 100 people with a knife. Trust me, you will get team mates that will do nothing but knife people for that trophy and go 3:85 however many games it takes to get the trophy.

"but if u beat single player and trophies are still hidden, its pointless. you will have to go look the up online anyways if you really want them. So why make them hidden?"

The point is to reward you for doing something "cool" without flat out telling you to do it. It can suck at times and seem pointless, but some games hide things or want you to just simply do something for the trophy. Sure it's pointless now that lists are online, which is why you're starting to see games dropping the hidden trophies.

wolokowoh1661d ago

I agree but sometimes its something tapping the parrot(an easter egg in Uncharted Golden Abyss) is difficult to you how to do in a specific enough manner for you to understand would be hard to word without spoiling the game.

thorstein1661d ago

I think the MP trophies depend on the game, which is what I think he was trying to say. For instance, the ACIV get to level 55 trophy is ridiculous.

A simple solution to this already exists. You can see in your trophies list that there are (under a title) a breakdown of separate trophies based on DLC. Make MP under a different heading. That way people without internet can get a plat.

But even more so, it allows you for getting a platinum, but doesn't require online mp in order to do it.

incredibleMULK1661d ago

And no Hanna montanya games.

And it gots to be easy like terminator judgement day.

GameSpawn1660d ago

"I think the MP trophies depend on the game, which is what I think he was trying to say. For instance, the ACIV get to level 55 trophy is ridiculous."

The multiplayer trophy for ACIV to reach level 55 is not that bad. Just play on weekends (which as of late have all been Double XP) and play Wolfpack - preferably Private (aka Single player) games once you unlock a few good perks and Poison. You are guaranteed 12,000 XP (6,000 normal + 6,000 Bonus) per completed Wolfpack game (25 sequences on Standard - easily doable by yourself past level 16ish) which will quickly get you to level 55 and that Platinum.

The problem I have is with overly specific multiplayer trophies. "Do X of this, X many times, x specific ways" for a ludicrous Bronze that prevents you from getting Platinum. A perfect example of a game that had this problem was AC: Brotherhood. You HAVE TO boost some of the trophies because they are just too damned specific. This is the reason that the CORE trophies (that count to Platinum) in AC: Revelations, ACIII, and ACIV are progression based and can be reached by simply playing multiplayer for a little while. There are no special hoops to jump through - those overly specific trophies are part of multiplayer add-ons and excluded from the Platinum prereq.

The BEST, ABSOLUTE BEST, implementation of multiplayer trophies was for Uncharted 2 & 3. You merely had to play ONE co-op and ONE competitive game to get each trophy. THAT'S IT. No winning or loosing condition. Just try out multiplayer once in each flavor and you're done. Again with Uncharted, like with the last of the AC games (Brotherhood excluded), all the multiplayer (overly specific conditioned) trophies were part of a free (or paid) multiplayer add-on that separated the additional trophies away from the Platinum required ones - still making the Platinum available with little to no multiplayer prerequisite.

I hate multiplayer trophies just as much as all of you do, but don't have a problem when they are implemented in one of the two ways above. At least this takes SOME of the sting away and gives you a little incentive to at least give the multiplayer mode a try.

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Soldierone1661d ago

Multiplayer trophies should be separated just like DLC ones. Agree entirely with that.

It's like those annoying group projects in college. Why should I fail because someone else sucks? lol

JoGam1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

People need to keep on mind the purpose of the Platinum trophy. The Platinum trophy is rec eived ONLY when you get all the trophies. Separating trophies will eliminate the idea of the Platinum Trophy. They reward you for completing the story mode by giving a gold trophy. Platinum Trophies supposed to be special and should remain the way it is. Separating the single player and multiplayer will degrade the Platinum trophy. Also more people would be obtaining them.

ChazzH691661d ago

But what happen when not enough people are playing the multiplayer part of the game or the servers get switched off?

Or what about the people who can't spend 80 hours ranking up their character for one gold trophy?

ziggurcat1661d ago


i don't think he's saying that there should be a separate trophy list. he's saying that MP trophies shouldn't count towards the platinum just like DLC trophies.

it's annoying to not be able to get a platinum trophy just because they've either shut the servers down or the community is no longer active for that game.

JoGam1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Chazz, the answti-player er to all those questions is NOT Separating the trophies. For all the questions you asked are different answers. A Platinum trophy is meant for one thing and one thing only.... To show you unlocked all the trophies. Its not meant for completing a story and should not get giving for anything else. PERIOD. If you can't complete the task that was giving then oh well but getting a Platinum for anything other than completing all trophies would be worthless and too easy.

@ziggurat....multi-player trophies not counting towards the Platinum is Separating. Wft.

Soldierone1661d ago

That makes sense except for the fact a good majority of games at this point make it literally impossible to earn a platinum trophy.....

People jump ship, servers get shut down, etc... A majority of them are useless anyways. "Play A TDM against a friend" what exactly are they rewarding there? The issue isn't earning them, its the fact these games force you to play tacked on multiplayer and when they die, that platinum trophy is un earnable.

Call of Duty never forces you to play online for trophies, so why do other titles with tacked on multiplayer (which they know will die within a month!) force you? Their are plenty of games that have insane SP trophies, so it sucks to finally earn them then realize "crap I can't get the plat since online only has 13 active people....."

ziggurcat1660d ago


"multi-player trophies not counting towards the Platinum is Separating."

no, it's not. it's no longer making them required for the platinum, not separating them from the main trophy list.

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iistuii1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Yep agree MP should be separate. I'm one trophy off in B4 but I've got to run around shooting a pistol forever to get it, not gonna bother, trophies should be enjoyable.

JoGam1661d ago

Trophies should be enjoyable? No, the game should be enjoyable. Trophies are supposed to be an accomplishment. You will unlock the last trophy over time however if you want it faster run around with pistols only and you'll get it quicker.

wolokowoh1661d ago

"Enjoyable" should be changed to "not tedious" Getting 10000 kills on a game is not an accomplishment because it requires no skill. It just takes time that could spent elsewhere. @JoGam What istuii meant to say was the process of playing a game in the way that unlocks the trophy(read: getting trophies) should be something you want to do or will enjoy after trying it. If the game forces you to use a weapon you don't want to a few times to exose you to it, it was a good use of trophies. If sets that number too high, its poor use. 45 for him is slightly too high apparently

JoGam1661d ago

I hear what ur saying but its not the same thing. For an example..... Yes getting a trophy should be an accomplishment but getting 10000 kills is an accomplishment and also could be called a tedious or bad trophy. I would call fixing that problem isn't Separating the trophies. Fixing that problem would be stop making shitty trophies.

iistuii1660d ago

That's exactly what I meant cheers.. It's not the 45 kills you need with the pistol, it's the kills you need to even unlock the pistol. I want to play Battlefield 4 as it should be played & that's not running around for 8 hours with a pistol, that's the point I was making.

wolokowoh1659d ago

@iistuii Okay I see what you're saying now. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I have a similar problem with KZ Shadowfall multiplayer trophies. Lots of grinding bot kills. Dying letting my bots kill people and then respawn. Its not the most fun way to play the game.
@JoGam Fair points but shitty is subjective. If you already plan on doing everything the trophies require then they're not shitty to you so separating them would allow some reconciliation between the two groups. There is also TLOU situation. Multiplayer is good but single player is wait you came for. The single player has enough content for its own platinum and a full set of trophies so why doesn't it have more trophies? Because multiplayer took away some. At the same time some trophies are just time consuming and pointless. All 10000 kills suggests is that you played a game for a long time, not something you brag to your friends about. So far most multiplayer trophies are poorly designed.

Goro1661d ago

In my opinion, games just shouldn't have multiplayer trophies, there are many unplattable games because the servers have been shut down and the list is just growing and growing. 10 years from now, half the PS3 games will be impossible to platinum.

McScroggz1661d ago

I hoping that there is a solution to that for older games. I don't know what could be done, but it sucks not being able to get a platinum for a game because I was late to the party.

JoGam1661d ago

Honestly if you had a game for 10 years and didn't Platinum it the odds are you'll never Platinum it.

Applejack1661d ago

You're right for the most part but my friend was pretty close. It took him about 6 years to get his Resistance 2 platinum since the game released back in 2008. He was playing the multiplayer on and off because there is a ridiculous gold trophy to kill 10,000 players online. That wouldn't be necessary if there is no online trophies that count toward the platinum. At the very least make them more reasonable.

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