EMGN Top 10 Horror Games

Horror games, they make an appearance every now and then, extremely under-rated and bring a real edge to video games. But what we want to know – Which are the best?

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Neonridr1576d ago

Some really good entries on this list, but I have some strong feelings against including games like Left 4 Dead (more action than horror), Resident Evil 5 (RE4 would have been such a better pick) and Dead Island. Dead Island was just plain boring IMO.

JetP06191576d ago

for me it's, Fatal Frame 2 PS2, Ku-on PS2, Amnesia PC, Silent hill PS1, siren the blood curse PS3, the calling Wii, Resident evil 2&3 on ps1,demons souls on ps3, just the atmosphere in certain places like tower of latria and valley of defilement.

getmad1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

I really don't think RE5 or Left for Dead belongs in that list.. I liked RE5 but it really wasn't scary, nice action tho. And to be honest, FEAR really wasn't that scary either. Outlast is the best horror game I've played in a while. Really made me jump and nervous almost the whole game.

SweetDangos1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

One of the worst lists I've ever seen and I've seen some pretty bad ones. How are you gonna have Fear, dead island, Silent Hill 3 (and not part 2?), manhunt, slender(REALLY? SLENDER!? WHAT ARE YOU, 10?, L4D (my top 5 favorite games of last gen but it's an action game), RESIDENT EVIL FUCKING 5?

The only good mentions on this list are Outlast, SH3, and Amnesia. More than half of the games are more action than horror.

As a long time survival horror fan I had to vent when I saw no mention of SH2, Siren, some classic RE's, no mentions of Clocktower or fatal frames. Not even a mention of the obscure series.

Matt6661575d ago

Resident evil 5 is not horror, while I on the subject it's just boring action just like 4 and 6 are. Sounds like to me this guy is a coward and gets scared really easy.

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