Interview: Nihilumbra – “Wii U Version Is The Best Version,” Asymmetric Multiplayer & More!

The Wii U version of Nihilumbra was originally revealed on an indie-centric Nintendo of Europe Direct back in August and since then, it’s been among the most eagerly awaited games on the Wii U. A beautiful art style, coupled with exciting gameplay, were the first pointers Wii U fans needed.

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hduce1701d ago

The game does seem interesting. I will definitely give it a download when it is released.

KakashiHotake1701d ago

I beat this game on ipad over a year ago i think. Its a very good game and Wii U owners are going to love it.

for we are many1700d ago

This really exposes the lazy mega 3rd party devs & publishers who are accustomed to doing unoptimized ports for the Wii U and forgetting all together to take advantage of its most unique distinguishing feature: the Gamepad. I played Unepic and castleStorm on Steam as well as on Wii U, and I can say with certainty that the Gamepad functionality, interaction and added control options make the Wii U version the definitive version of both, and now Nihilumbra also looks to do the same, great work indies!

Broomfondle1700d ago

Yes but its just another puzzle/platformer. I mean yet another puzzle/platformer. Hooray. Said nobody ever.

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