EA's and Microsoft’s/Machinima's compensation campaigns are really, really bad for gaming journalism

GameZone's Jake Valentine writes, "It’s 2014, and everyone has the ability to express their own opinion. The days of a select few being read in print magazines are long gone. In addition to the seemingly countless journalism outlets on the internet, even more people are crafting well thought and highly intelligent editorials, reviews, and articles on personal blogs, forums, and other places. Those people, however, don’t always have the same credibility as people working for the top tier sites. They don’t have the history, the proven track record, or the following to help carry their thoughts. Sometimes it’s because they write for a hobby. Other times it’s because they’re new and trying to break into the industry. Regrettably, this means that many excellent pieces of journalism are ignored and put aside."

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TomShoe1698d ago

I know, it's scary. We can't really listen to anyone's opinion without suspecting them of being a shill now.

What is Sessler is a shill?

What if IGN's a shill?

What if you're a shill?

What if *GASP* I'M a shill?

Shills! We're all shills!

Dlacy13g1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

If you suspect them of being a shill then I would say you probably shouldn't be even following them since your opinion of them is already tainted.

My take, find a reviewer or media personality you like that matches up to your gaming taste and stick to that person for your reviews & recommends. If you find you like the games they have recommend in the past then its a good bet you will like their future recommendations too.

Edit: I do get it though... paranoia will destroy ya.

erathaol1698d ago

Someone on a podcast said it best, 'If you take this deal, your pretty much prostituting yourself for Microsoft.'

Your signing to give their opinion, rather than free to give your own. Even if you hate/dislike/apathetic toward anything they do, your going to have to say its good/great/love it.

Even if your fans never find out you signed the deal, your pretty much killing your on spirit as a free artist/journalist/persona. All for a paycheck that Mircrosoft has no qualms signing.

badboy7761698d ago

I don't trust none of them.

Especially Angry Joe.

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Mikelarry1698d ago

that's why i am glad this gen consoles support game streaming.

DJustinUNCHAIND1698d ago

Remember when people said this story had legs?

theWB271698d ago

I've never understood someone buying a game based off of someone else's opinion anyway. Especially lately with all of the means of looking up gameplay vids to see for yourself.

BTW...gaming "journalism" was suffering long before this came out. Not a scapegoat at all.

maniacmayhem1698d ago

Yea, I agree. Which is why I am such a supporter of Gamefly and any other rental service out there.

Games at $60 a pop are just to expensive to take some average joe on the net word of opinion.

I take every review with a grain of salt and form my own opinion.

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