Top 5 Annoyances on Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Players have been engrossed in Animal Crossing: New Leaf since the moment it released. This game is as addictive as they come, often times requiring players to visit their virtual town’s everyday in order to gain new perks, collectables and upgrades. Being a player that has been overtaken by the Animal Crossing: New Leaf craze, it can be stated that this game is so classic and addicting that there is nearly no wrong with it.

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TheSuperior 1632d ago

Been in love with this game for a few months now. After waiting for the poke bank for so long im thnakful i bought this game after X because its my new addiction. It great but i wish some of these annoyances werent there. I guess no game can be perfect tho lol Hope you all enjoy it as much as i have :)

Summons751632d ago

Town projects is the problem I ran into. I've seen demos are vids of much more stuff than the signs fences lamps and fountains but nothing pops up.

Store hours can be fixed by changing the law to late or early depending on what you do.

Nerdmaster1632d ago

For me the biggest annoyance in any Animal Crossing is the lack of a true objective. I know that it goes completely against what the game aims for, but if Rune Factory proves one thing, is that it's possible to make an "eternal" game but it can still have an "ending". I do like to collect bugs, fossils and whatnot, but in every Animal Crossing, I come to a point where I ask myself "what's the point?".

ElementX1631d ago

I haven't played in ages. Last time my city was full of weeds