Japanese newspaper says Nintendo is about to unveil its approach to mobile development

"Nintendo may soon launch game demos and advertising efforts on smartphones and tablets."

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Neonridr1702d ago

Interesting bit of news. It would be an interesting strategy with the number of phone users out there. Having small apps or mini versions of their popular games available to smartphone / tablet users could work wonders. Would help drive interest towards the main hardware (3DS / Wii U).

STGuy10401702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

This should be interesting!

Rainstorm811702d ago

The real news here Nintendo is about to start making .99-15$ way they will aim for 30$+ on mobile

If they are going to do this why not go multiplat....more money in it I would think

mohuzas1702d ago

They're using mobile apps as advertisements, I.e. free mini games with as much gameplay as their official site

Rainstorm811702d ago

Oh the normal console game creators approach to mobile.....nothing new, I was thinking actual games

mohuzas1702d ago

Lol no, Iwata would rather jump from the top of the Empire State Building XD

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The story is too old to be commented.