SOE to support PlanetSide 2 for 'hopefully 20 years'

GameZone writes, 'In a recent Reddit AMA with Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley, a fan asked how long PlanetSide 2 will continue to be supported by the company -- a fair question given the studio's decision to shut down four of its MMOs by the end of this year.'

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr31697d ago

That sounds great! It's disheartening to hear about games people fall in love with no longer being supported.

hellzsupernova1697d ago

They will only support it as long as it is financially viable to. Once the player base leaves so will the servers

3-4-51696d ago

They have more continents to bring into the game still which all take a while, so I could definitely see this game being supported and maintaining a healthy community throughout PS4's lifecycle, specifically because it's F2P, and you don't need to spend anything to be good or earn stuff.

urwifeminder1697d ago

20 years wow I only lasted a week before I moved on.

Utalkin2me1697d ago

Thats what 16 years longer then what MS put out games for the 360.

MysticStrummer1697d ago

lol True and funny, but anyone who's ever seen wife's comments would doubt they ever tried the game in the first place.

webeblazing1697d ago

the game is not for everyone so hate it, some will like it, some will love it. pc games have a more dedicated fanbase with their games. i find gamers on pc more critical and stick to games they love than console gamers. console tend to go to the next big thing. thats on of the reason old games last so long on pc.

kopicha1697d ago


Mmm... very true. PC gamers tend to be more dedicated to the games they play. Ok before anyone bash on me, I actually prefer console gaming over PC gaming. But I have to agree on this as I used to be a avid PC gamer back in the days before I got tired and move on to focus more on consoles.

webeblazing1697d ago

its sad you have to had to say you prefer console of pc to let your voice be heard but i get it, we know how this site is run.

lonelyplayer1697d ago

Sony execs will be dead or retired by then...

urwifeminder1697d ago

Had way more fun on Tribes it was less grindy plus the ski aspect makes it fun, the best part in planetside was bottleneck battles in canyons but did not find much team cohesion just people stacking up planes and tanks.

Sadist31697d ago

20 years? That just sounds stupid

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