Check Out PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son’s Spectactuar Presentation and Demo at Taipei Game Show

According to the Taiwanese press the presentation of inFAMOUS: second Son was one of the high notes of Taipei Game Show, that closed today at Taipei's World Trade Center. Brand Development Director Ken Schramm did the honors, explaining its gameplay.

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JoGam1517d ago

Can't wait for this game. LOVE inFAMOUS.

GarrusVakarian1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Oh man, this game looks amazing. It does exactly what games should do....make you feel like an excited child. That neon power looks so awesome. When he jumps off the building and does a neon slam i couldn't stop grinning.

Also goes to show how better a game can look when someone competent is playing it, the action never lets up. 1:16.....awesome. The movement looks so smooth, i LOVE that smoke dash.

Hurry up March 21st!

FamilyGuy1516d ago

I LOVE that neon running effect, it looks cool and fun. Seems they found a way to 1up Coles ability to ride subway rails which was a pretty cool mode of travel when the first InFamous initially came out.

Another thing that looks awesome and fun is at 1:30 or so he does his sort of smoke dash step and zig zags between cover.

Can't wait to play this and I'm glad they're keeping the other powers a secret, I want some surprises to be left when I get my hands on the game.

Crazyglues1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Oh Hell yeah, wow, Neon powers look really cool, can't wait to start playing this one..

It looking like this is going to be one awesome nex gen title...

-And your crazy if you think Online wouldn't be Amazing - I know it does not have Online but if it was done right, were you could make your superhero and wake up as one of the people who became a conduit.. OMG!

Something with co-op, trust me, if it was done right it would be so amazing..Something like Crackdown on Xbox360..

(Remember Uncharted didn't have Online when it first came out)
Would push this title into COD status...

-But even with no online, I'm pumped to play this, hope it's as good story wise as the first one was- First one started off slow, but wow did it turn into one amazing Game.

||.........___||............ ||

Irishguy951517d ago

Dis best vid of game so far

liquidhalos1516d ago

This is the eo the

I found these at the bottom of the page, they must have fallen off of your post. Ill let you put them back in.

But yeah the week after the 21st is a write off for me. So excited for this amongst a gang load of other ps4 titles

starchild1517d ago

Infamous Second Son is looking great. It's my most anticipated PS4 title right now.

ThunderSpark1517d ago

One of this generations best games. I'm calling it!

TheSaint1516d ago

Bit early for that, a generations first games are nowhere near as good as when it's at it's end

There will be more and better Infamous games to come!

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chrissx1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

This game looks to be pure mad fun,not 2mention the beautiful graphics. Day1 for sure

Fishy Fingers1517d ago

A few months from launch and 90% of what I've seen has been off-screen. Release some direct feed pleaseeeee. Preferably a different part of the map.

PeaSFor1517d ago

hell no, i want to discover it MYSELF!

GarrusVakarian1517d ago

Exactly. So many people have whined about seeing the same part of the map in every video but im glad they haven't shown too much. One thing i did last gen was watch TOO MUCH gameplay before release and it definitely took away from the experience sometimes.

Fishy Fingers1516d ago

How is me expressing an interest in seeing more than the 100 square metre of an open world game whining?!

If they released different videos your not forced to watch. I'd prefer the option myself.

staticdash221517d ago

This game looks awesome!

Also, can dualshockers stop with the generic titles? We know its an exclusive lol