5 reasons for believing that EA couldn't care less about you

IM PLAYIN discusses what makes them believe that EA couldn't care less about their consumers.

"Mass Effect 3′s ending did not please the fans. I won’t go in to detail about it, I don’t fancy spoiling a spoiled ending. But let’s just say that, considering the amount of hours that we’d put in to the Mass Effect series, the days grinded out levelling up Shepherd and choosing his path through the universe and the friends we’d gained throughout the journey, the ending was kind of a big F U. The ending didn’t seem to fit in with the overall series and, in truth, was incredibly anticlimactical. Then at the end of game we were greeted with this pathetic little message, the rotten cherry on top of the dog food sundae that was the ending of a magnificent series of games."

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JoGam1516d ago

FYI, Believing is spelled wrong. You have "Beleiving".

Francis21516d ago

Thanks! That one slipped through the net.

thepatientgamer1515d ago

"i" before "e" except after "c"

OmegaShen1516d ago

Battlefield 4, do I need to say more.

Npugz71515d ago

Bf4 is an awesome addictive game! Yes it was broken and sometimes still is but at least dice is putting all it's resources into fixing it! The only trouble I have with that game is the rubber banding which is a server issue!

OmegaShen1515d ago

Working on it would mean they wouldn't be wasting time tweaking the weapons an all and adding more dlc.

Heck alot of my friends on PS3 can't even get into a game.

gpturbo811515d ago

excusing halfassed work seems to be the norm these days. 'just get it out there, we'll fix it before the next sequel' unacceptable.

born2live1516d ago

Can't wait for your article on Capcom...

JohnnyTower1516d ago

"rotten cherry on top of a dogfood sundae"? Is there anyone that writes these blogs that is older than 15?

Heisenburger1515d ago

Lol right? The kid clearly hasn't been around the block since he doesn't know how good a dog food sundae is. You seem like a nice guy, why don't you go try it?

pompombrum1516d ago

I see gamers are out in full swing building the momentum for this year's worst company in America award. This should be entertaining, I hope Peter Moore comes out and writes a blog post like last year, if nothing more it reminds me why I hate EA so much.. not that I really need reminding.

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The story is too old to be commented.