27 Million People Now Play League of Legends Daily

Hardcore Gamer: World of what?

Riot Games revealed today that League of Legends now has more than 27 million gamers playing League of Legends on a daily basis. That’s more than double than the estimated 12 million in late 2012. 7.5 million people are playing concurrently at peak, which is up from the 5 million last reported in March.

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Pandamobile1663d ago

That's crazy. There's probably more people playing LOL daily than signing into Xbox Live or PSN.

MRMagoo1231662d ago

I wouldnt mind knowing where the most users are tho, i am guessing china or korea, i really dont get the fuss about this game , the user base is pretty much full of complete douche bags and they seem to like driving new players away.

Def makes WOW seem bad tho considering LOL is gaining subs still and WOW is bleeding profusely. I am guessing blizz have their fingers crossed that for one people stick around long enough for the next xpac which is prob 5 months off still and two people come back to WOW for the new "improvements" to character models, talents, pvp and gearing.

Pandamobile1662d ago

Well, WoW is a decade old now. The fact that it's still relevant is impressive enough.

MRMagoo1231662d ago

Well i am still playing it and often go to the the abbey where the new ally players first start to find new players to the game, i like to give them a couple k gold to help them out, i think i may find a brand new player to wow once every couple months now, its mainly only the people that dont wanna let go that is left, its not getting new players, so every lose of a sub is bad imo.

ChaosKnight1662d ago

Think of all we could accomplish as a race if we turned to more nobel pursuits.

MajorGecko1662d ago

nothing is more noble then destroying the enemies Nexus

PurpHerbison1662d ago

I have similar thoughts but they are more along the lines of, "I wonder how much I could have accomplished thus far in my life if I never put any hours into video games." I've logged thousands upon thousands of hours so it's an interesting thought.

Irishguy951662d ago

Probably have spent the time on something else that is fun...

I don't consider hobbies a waste of time, they add enjoyment to life which is one of the most important things right?

PurpHerbison1662d ago

Did not at all imply it was a waste... but there are indeed more "fun things" out there that would accomplish more than playing video games.

jackanderson19851662d ago

damn that's impressive... to be honest i only heard about this game after that whole LoL gamers becoming "athletes"...

il-JumperMT1662d ago

Thats 27 million baddies who are unable to handle DOTA2

Flavor1662d ago

Sour grapes?

Sorry, most people play games to have fun, not to be esports MLG pros.

DOTA 2 is just a clusterf*ck of force staffs, blink daggers, and BKB's, the meta is totally broken and stale.

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