KUF II: 240+ Hours Campaign, 50 Players PvE Mode, DX11 Not Shown Yet & More

Check out our massive interview about Kingdom Under Fire II, the epic MMORTS/RPG in the final stages of development at Blueside.

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Snookies121697d ago

This game looks so sick. I'm usually not into RTS types, but man the scale is epic and being able to take control of your main dude in the middle of battle is really awesome to me.

cleft51697d ago

I get the feeling that this game is going to come out and surprise everyone with how good it is. I am looking forward to this game.

Festano1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Over 240 hours of gameplay ..... impressive. They created a great engine that can move a lot of units.Another endorsement for PS4 hardware and their policy for online games is better.

jegheist20141697d ago

they lost me at rts i cant stand rts or strategic rpgs not cuz it not good cuz i suck at them same goes for stealth games also

webeblazing1696d ago

try disgaea for srpg story and characters and the amount of loot and customization will make you love srpgs, than move on to harder ones.

AngelicIceDiamond1697d ago

Why is this under Xbox? This is only on PC and PS4 right?

Alexious1697d ago

If you read the interview, they admitted they're still considering an Xbox One version as well.

jegheist20141697d ago

god this loooks awesome its just rts elements make me cringe i dont like games with micromanagment out arse to much of it is turn me off

Alexious1697d ago

Don't worry, this is not a full fledged RTS but rather an action/RTS hybrid...Think Dynasty Warriors meet Total War.

Also, it is MMO, so you can get help from other players.

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The story is too old to be commented.