A New Live Update for All Platforms on Bf4

3 hours ago, Battlfield’s blog, Battlelog came with a last gaming update news. They want to make all platforms work live until the beginning of February. The update comes with a lot of stability improvements, fixes and tweaks.

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GeddyThePolack1396d ago

Clearly proper grammar was not a key point for this article.

frostypants1395d ago

Welcome to N4G, where every blog post written by the average 10 year old during their lunch hour somehow makes the top banner.

hduce1396d ago

Let's just hope this update fixes things. The December update fixed a few issues and caused new issues.

bamillington1396d ago

Squad setup with friends before games would be good please

thorstein1396d ago

How about getting my customizing my soldier instead of allowing my team to die without me because I have to waste time working on my unlocks.

leogets1396d ago

Aint guna happen mate.. remember on bf3 there was the option.Then you join a game and ya all split up anyway.. Dice find it too hard..

Cryptcuzz1396d ago

Can we still not create a party and join the same game with our friends?

That is literally the only reason why I have played way more of Cod Ghosts than BF4.

I have never felt so ripped off from buying a game.

Squad setup with friends before games is all I want right now in this game.

Skate-AK1396d ago

No you still can't. DICE actually said they prefer the way it is now rather than a party system.

Kleptic1395d ago

^^haha yep..DICE literally said 'its working as intended, this promotes team work among random players'...

translated: 'Similar to AH gunner flares in BF3; we can't get the functionality you want to work correctly so we simply removed it'

speechless...this is the kind of thing that happens when you get people with business administration degrees to make and sell video games...

thorstein1395d ago

You kind of can though. You just all join the same squad. Just all go down to Epsilon and join that one as it usually has the fewest in it.

It should be a no brainer of course, but I can't even seem to find games with my clan on which really stinks. The only way is to follow the meetup or have our own server.

frostypants1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

The reason they did this, I am guessing, is that they want to discourage system party chat (which does ruin the game). They should just outright block it but MS and/or Sony probably don't allow that.

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OwNizzleD1396d ago

I think dice will get the problems under control but it may take a little more time. I would really like to have the squad setup, it should definitely be in this game. Still enjoying the game despite it's flaws so far.

Skate-AK1396d ago

Dice has no plans to add a squads system. I think that is pretty stupid.

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