First possible picture of Left for Dead 3 leaks – shows Source 2.0 engine

"A user on NeoGAF has posted what appears to be the first leaked picture of Left for Dead 3 - while GAF is known for rumors, this particular poster has a track record that carries weight around the internet's most trusted gaming community."

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Palitera1581d ago

Please Eru, don't let this be a Microsoft exclusive!

DJustinUNCHAIND1581d ago

I hope it is.

Just so I can laugh at you.

Palitera1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Actually, there's little to laugh about other than yourself.

You see, eventually I'll buy the less powerful system as well, probably after the Jasper equivalent of this generation, if you know what I mean... Some people, though, sadly are stuck with only one of the systems due to some mental limitations.

And, about that, Foxtrot is 100% right. Bye.

SoulSercher6201581d ago

PC says hi. Valve NEVER forgets PC.

snake_eater1581d ago

Gabe hates ms so it's highly unlikely.

Kayant1581d ago

"don't let this be a Microsoft exclusive" - Probably won't you're talking about value here to same company trying to move away from Windows. It's very unlikely.

mep691580d ago

Value, the new Volvo.

Concertoine1581d ago

Id be surprised if it came to ps4 since valve is (sort of) in the console buisiness now too.

DigitalRaptor1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

It won't be. Why would it?

Portal 2 came to PS3 with Steam Play and a free Steam version, after Gabe had a change of heart about PS3 being terrible platform to work with. PS4 is miles easier to develop for with lots of potential, so Gabe has no reason not to agree to bring this to PS4.

The only reason a developer would make something MS exclusive at this stage would be through the passing of paychecks or something to do with Kinect.

xfear2diex1581d ago

not likely with valve hating ms i think this will be a ps4 exclusive more likely

Muffins12231580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Doubt it,it might be the other way around.To push the valve's steam consoles popularity,not only with the 100s of indie titles,but also have every valve future AAA game( half life,l4d,portal,tf) only on pc and steam machine. Valve really has not made its self clear with the market their going to go with the steam boxes.If their gonna to try to just get gamers who want pc gaming but at a less expensive and easier to set up machine then its good for them,but if their trying to steal potential xbox/ps4 customers their gonna need AAA titles. They can do it though,most of their game sales are on pc so most of their sales would not be effected if they went this route.Maybe they will be timed exclusives to pc and steam box machine and later come to ps4/xbox one.

Megaton1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Such a stupid term, "Microsoft exclusive", as if Microsoft gets a piece of everything sold on Windows. Not to mention that it will also be on Mac and Linux, regardless of which consoles it comes to.

tee_bag2421580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Lame you kids fighting over exclusives. This will likely launch on PC first, just because its Valve, not because its exclusive. Consoles will both get them unless M$ dig into their wallet again.

JasonKCK1580d ago

Left 4 Dead was never exclusive and never will be. It is possible Valve may make their games PC/Steam Machine exclusive.

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-Foxtrot1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I'd be p***** if the first game using the new Source engine was L4D3.

It should be Half Life 3, that means THREE L4D games before Half Life 3, that's insane


Yeah keep disagreeing but the fact is more people want Half Life then L4D. How can you let Valve keep getting away this seriously.

-Foxtrot1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Let Half Life go....I don't think so

Valve ignoring the fanbase which got them where they are today isn't something to "Let go".

It's one thing after another, everything a window appears where it's like "Oh great everything is out the way, now bring on some HL news" they end up doing something else.

I wouldn't be bothered if it didn't end of a HUGE cliff hanger...but it did.

ObiWanaTokie1581d ago

As angry as we want to be at valve for not continuing half life, L4D 3 is going to be an amazing experience that not one person can argue. Half life will come when she's ready lol

Fireseed1581d ago

So? Valve doesn't develop based on consumer interests.

-Foxtrot1581d ago

But there doing a L4D sequel...that's a consumer interest, just not as big as Half Lifes

So they obviously do develop of consumer interests

pompombrum1581d ago

If they make L4D 3 before Half Life 3 then no, they don't develop based on consumer interest.

Jovanian 1581d ago

Yes I agree HL3 should be the flagship title to usher in source 2.0 engine

-Foxtrot1581d ago

It's what people have been saying for years, thats why I don't understand the disagrees

It's one of the reasons why people didn't mind the long delay

"....Oh don't worry they are just waiting to release it alongside Source 2"

Now that it won't it's like

"What the hell have you guys been doing...COME ON"

FlyingFoxy1581d ago

I'm just pleased it's going to be a great game either way..

Plus it gives me an excuse to sell off my aging i7 920 processor and gpu and make a bit of cash back towards a new setup.

bryam19821580d ago

i agree whit foxtrot we need half life 3 asap

Muffins12231580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I feel like valve is working on it and left dead 3, they might not know what direction they want to take half life honestly.They might change it but their being careful not to piss off the fanbase for it.They might have this fearful notion that single player fps are dead or just wont sell as much as games that are like L4D. Now they could still be "succesful" with half life 3 just being a single player game,but if it where to be online focused would it sell even more?I mean in recent years some of the biggest selling games have been heavily multiplayer focused.I think this is why valve is taking a long time for half life 3 because they just don't know what to do with it(that and next gen/source 3) :|. But i bet you if their gonna release it like the last half games and stay true too it their probably gonna try to slap on some co op campaign or something stupid.

Spinal1580d ago

You're not looking at the bigger picture. A game like Half Life would take a lot more development to capture or even get near to meeting the fans expectations which I don't think it will. RPGs take a long time especially if they want to be deep an engrossing.

A game like Left 4 Dead co op action zombie shooter obviously won't need that much time so it makes sense for left 4 dead 3 to be the first game on the new source engine I can't wait for it.

I loved half life 1 didn't get into 2 was too sucked into counter strike an counter strike source plus mods like vampire slayer an the extremists.

But a new Left 4 dead 3 with the new source engine will be fantastic PC all the way.

UnHoly_One1580d ago

Left 4 Dead on it's worst day is still better than Half Life could ever hope to be.

-Foxtrot1580d ago

Keep telling yourself that mate ¬¬

UnHoly_One1580d ago

Actually I was telling you that. lol

It's just my opinion of course, but it's one that is shared by a lot of other people as well.

At this point I think the whole "Give us HL3!!!" thing is just so "old news" that not even Valve cares anymore.

They are making money hand over fist and have no desire to even make another Half Life, which despite all the people crying for it, wouldn't make them as much money as another L4D.

Spinal1580d ago

[email protected] one.

Half life 3 would not net half as much money as a new left 4 dead. The hype from the small group of people wanting half life 3 is over exaggerated.

Left 4 dead IMO is clearly the better game and the most important title out of the roster. Counter strike is also another beast that would get more attention if it came with a new engine.

maniacmayhem1580d ago

Half Life 3 is definitely overrated and I don't understand the hype for a game that has not seen one ray of sunlight.

L4D on the other hand is a game that many, especially last gen owners have wanted for a very long time.

It's a fact more people want L4D3 than HL3.

-Foxtrot1580d ago


How can you say we haven't seen anything of HL3 and then say people want L4D3 when we've seen nothing on that either.

Oh and how can something be over rated when it hasn't even came out. Your basically contradicting yourself there mate.

Half Life 2 and it's episodes are better then L4D and L4D combined.

It's a fact that more people want Half Life 3, they've wanted it longer, there's a bigger community for it and overall it's a much better franchise.

maniacmayhem1580d ago

Oooooh, you seem to make a lot more sense when it comes to games you are personally interested in.

Now Mr. Fox, apply that same rational logic to Titanfall.


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FlyingFoxy1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

OMG i hope this is real. I will build a whole new comp around Source 2.. been waiting for this for ages! I also had a feeling they would show off the engine this year, after all it's been in development over 3 years now.

Maybe an upgrade to 8 core Intel x99 platform and R9 290 are in order..

MrGEE1580d ago

chill down this will run even on potato .its source..

Muffins12231580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I think so too,i think their deciding to show it now because next gen launched recently and this was the perfect time to allow developers to use it. Not that valve is focused on using the engine on consoles,but usually when new generations comes out developers stop holding their games back and move forward because majority of gamers use consoles and they don't want to make a game that cant run on console because all their money would be gone.This also gives reasons for pc gamers to upgrade their pc again because their pushing games further and pc gamers are gonna need new hardware to run this.SO now valve sees all these fancy computers that allot of steam gamers have and decides that its time to come out with a new engine that uses their computers power rightfully because theirs enough pc gamers that have it now and they can upgrade the requirements because most pc gamers have that now.

Blaze9291581d ago

I don't even care if those visuals are real, just bring Left 4 Dead 3!

DigitalRaptor1581d ago

It will be.

Valve would be stupid not to. Gabe turned around his opinion on the difficult to develop for PS3 relatively late in its game, and PS4 has no issues to suggest he wouldn't want to being it to that platform. In fact most developers/publishers would be stupid not to put their game on PS4 at this stage.

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