Black Tusk Has Been Working On New IP Since Inception

iGR: "Many thought that Black Tusk's fate was decided when news broke that they'd be continuing the Gears of War franchise. Based on a few tweets from Xbox Jobs, there's another iron still in the fire at Black Tusk"

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Excalibur1418d ago

So it sounds like the new I.P. is on the back burner now.

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truefan11418d ago

You do realize the acquisition of GOW was public as of today, if what you are saying is true Black Lust hasn't been working on anything for almost a year. I'm sure that trailer at E3 was definitely something, but they can't announce everything just yet.

_QQ_1418d ago

So they have 2 teams? or 1.5?

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LAWSON721418d ago

I hope when the dev team was started they were not told to sit there and look at the wall.

GiantEnemyCrab1418d ago

So Gears is now exclusive and they are working on another new IP? Nice!

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The story is too old to be commented.