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Microsoft's Acquisition of Gears of War Isn't a Very Thrilling Move, But Is A Necessary One

The name value of the Gears of War franchise may not be quite what it was once upon a time, but if the series had gone to the PS4 that would have changed overnight. It’s a situation similar to an aging veteran in a contract year on an NFL team. Though they may not have as much to contribute on the field and still command a high asking price, losing them would just make your own fans cry foul and give another team’s fans a reason to celebrate very vocally. (Gears of War, Microsoft, Xbox One)

LOGICWINS  +   163d ago
Very intelligent move. Lets hope this becomes a trend.
cleft5  +   163d ago
It would have been a huge embarrassment for Microsoft if Gears came to the PS4, which would have almost certainly happened. So it only made sense for them to secure this property.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   163d ago
"Microsoft's Acquisition of Gears of War Isn't a Very Thrilling Move..."

Speak for yourself homeboy xD
Bennibop  +   163d ago
Especially if the ps4 version was at a higher frame rate and resolution! That would be total humiliation for Microsoft.
Insomnia_84  +   163d ago
A very much needed desperate move. Gears going multiplatform would've been really bad on top of all negativity surrounding the console.
spicelicka  +   163d ago
I think more importantly it was a good move because Gears would have died. Epic has already made 4 installments, they didn't want to work on it anymore, so it was more likely that it wouldn't come to any platform than it coming to PS4.

This made sure the franchise prospers and I'm so glad, with unreal 4 it's going to be insane.
Irishguy95  +   163d ago
This would be very bad yeah haha, would be like Sony losing Final Fantasy

...oh shi..>(incurs wrath of the fanboys), god what an entertaining day Gears -> Ps4 would have been though. FFs certainly was

Edit - Spicelicka, I wish it did die so we could move on with a new franchise. Same reasons and I want Uncharted to die. Focus on New ips, there've been enough games with Nathan drake doing what he does.
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nukeitall  +   163d ago

I love Gears of Wars! That was my most played game last generation on consoles. This means there will be another Gears for Xbox One.

I cannot wait. F'yeah!!!! :D

Get cliffyb on it NAOW! :D
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erathaol  +   163d ago
I had a feeling this was the announcement, Microsoft is very predictable but hey, "Go with what works" and Gears Works. The Gears franchise was a staple for the Xbox 360 brand and if it flew the coup this generation, the Xbone would be boned.


Congrats to Epic for making a truck load of money.
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Veneno  +   163d ago
This acquisition by Microsoft (edit: might be proof that) Gears was going multiplatform so once again they pulled out the checkbook instead of creating their own original IP.

Or Epic might have said they are done with Gears of War. So that means one less legacy franchise tied to the Xbox brand.
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alb1899  +   163d ago
It is a sign that Microsoft gonna support the X1!
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mrpsychoticstalker  +   163d ago
The best games are certainly in xbox one. I cant count the amount of hours i spent on gears last generation. Its a great addictive game!
Sayai jin  +   163d ago
Wow. The franchise has held it's own since the beginning garnering millions of fans. It seems like MS listened to their fans and brought this game home.
erathaol  +   163d ago
Put a ring on it, so to speak.

christocolus  +   163d ago
A great move imo.
ginsunuva  +   163d ago
I'd rather they not milk a good franchise and create a new shooter IP at least.
christocolus  +   163d ago
I feel they can make it better if they bring in new ideas and get a wonderful director. It could be fresh if done right.
maniacmayhem  +   163d ago
It wasn't thrilling but indeed smart. It's a well known IP that defined last gen. And it also put the constant rumors of the game going to PlayStation to rest permanently.
Ripsta7th  +   163d ago
Im pretty sure they felt pressured. Maybe epic came to them and had ideas for developing on ps4 seeing its huge success, so MS had to lock it down.
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Brutallyhonest  +   163d ago
Epic sold the franchise to MS. Black Tusk is taking the reigns with Gears from here on out. I'm just glad it's not People Can Fly. Gears Judgment was pretty bad and I'm being kind.

More than likely Epic is working on a new IP / series. Now if MS was to seal that deal that would be (so to speak) epic. Although I believe Epic Games is going to take the same route Bungie is with Destiny and have their new franchise title go multiplat.

I think this article title pretty much nails MS acquiring the Gears franchise, not very thrilling but necessary.
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ziggurcat  +   163d ago
it's a good business move for them, for sure, but what happened to "gears has run its course"?
ThePope  +   163d ago
It had some of the best MP out there. Those 64v64 matches were great. Oh wait it was only 4v4, and it was still amazing...weird.
Edi007  +   163d ago
the series is almost dead already with gow : judgement and like this games die with there generation like street of rage or contra or maximus, medieval, onimusha...
gedden7  +   163d ago
Nah Street of Rage and Contra needs to come back!
Edi007  +   163d ago
They trie to take them back but they fail
MilkMan  +   163d ago
When your best game is Quantum Leap (or whatever its name is)...ANYTHING "Gears" looks great!
REDBEARD  +   163d ago
Yet another great ip in Microsoft's dungeon.

Marcus Fenix: Yeah I am finally apart of the Microsoft family.

Banjo: What family?

Master Chief locks the prison doors.

Marcus Fenix: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

pandehz  +   163d ago
Lol author get that Cell Processor outta your ar..

Some headlines just reek of fa.....m
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gedden7  +   163d ago
Thrilling??? Nah not really... I'm sure MS will not breath fresh air into the franchise, something that it really need.. I'd say the next game will only sell about 1.5 million MAYBE and the next one will be less then the next one less than that, all the while having Higher and Higher budgets.

And you know each game will be rushed..

I feel sorry for Gears fans because you guys have a crappy road ahead of you.
TomahawkX  +   163d ago
Taking a $100 million dollar risk on an established IP as opposed to a new IP makes perfect sense. All they really need to do is make a prettier version of Gears of War with better online and they have a hit on their hands.
demonddel  +   163d ago
Haters gonna hate it's in there blood
4logpc  +   163d ago
The Gears name isn't what it used to be??? 20 million copies is nothing small.
nigelp520  +   163d ago
I always said Microsoft should have bout Bioware or the Mass Effect IP
Veneno  +   163d ago
It doesn't work that easily. Bioware has to be willing to be bought or sell Mass Effect. Why would they ruin the freedom to make the games they want by being bought by Microsoft? And also own the IP they create.
nigelp520  +   163d ago
They let EA buy them though
alb1899  +   163d ago
They can, MS just had a profit of 6 billion dollars....they do it for fun.
kewlkat007  +   163d ago
I actually think the game/franchise would of slowly died but this has been a very good franchise.

Its made many people lots of money as well as, the fans have enjoyed it's success so great move.
level 360  +   163d ago
It's a make or break for Black Tusk.
SynestheticRoar  +   163d ago
Gears of Halo. Yes that's the ticket.

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