MP1st | Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Video Preview

MP1st - "Courtesy of Activision, we recently had the chance to visit the team over at Infinity Ward to try out some of the new content, including the DLC's four new multiplayer maps, new field order rewards, new weapons, and new Extinction mode."

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ZombieKiller1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

"Courtesy of Activision"

Lol, they are pretty courteous to advertise to us.

ZombieKiller1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Wow that posted twice, thank god for the edit button.

Honestly, this DLC pack looks awesome. Thats their sales strategy though. They release the game in it's basic form, then add all the interesting shit to it for the DLC pack. Smart business move but I don't want to afford this game anymore.

Pack looks awesome though! The field orders gameplay change-up looks pretty sweet.

ambientFLIER1630d ago

it really does...those maps look good!

davidj881630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Oh look, within about 10 seconds of watching the Ignition video i already saw that it's a rehash of Scrapyard from MW2......i did actually like Scrapyard but calling it a ''new map'' is a blatant lie, it'a an old map that was given a makeover.

Just read the article and they did mean it to be but i'm really disappointed they have to resort to rehashing old maps rather than being creative and making everything from the ground up, if they wanted to bring old maps back i'd prefer they do it as a discounted pack combining 4 from previous games.

ZombieKiller1630d ago

Discount? Activision?

Black Ops 1 maps are STILL $15. No way would that ever happen, and although I agree with you 100%, knowing Activision, this would never happen.

Only thing I MIGHT see happening, is this gen, the older COD games might be free to play. I ONLY say that because the maps will still have a price tag. Good way to get non subscribers to play your game, especially when the 2nd half of the game is in the DLC form.
Not that I want it to happen, but it might.

Honestly, I think these map re-hashes are due to time constraints and lazy devs. They know we will buy anyway, which is why I hate Call of Duty anymore. I just wish it wouldn't be such a blatant rip-off...

ambientFLIER1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Um. That technically makes it a new map. Just because the dimensions are the same, doesn't make it an old map.