Vince Zampella: "We Will Have An Announcement Soon. I'm Sure No One Can Guess What It Will Be"

Vince Zampella: "We Will Have An Announcement Soon. I'm Sure No One Can Guess What It Will Be"

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Excalibur1660d ago

Marcus Fenix will be a playable character in Titianfall...Jk.

Snookies121660d ago

He's too big to fit in a mech. Maybe if they decided to make HIM a mech lol.

GarrusVakarian1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

I wonder what it is.....COD 4 HD REMAKE!!!?!?!!?!?! I wish.

Lol at some of those twitter replies "Titandogs", "HALF-LIFE 3", "PS4 version of titanfall". Haha.

Marcus Fenix's head is too big to fit into a mech, let alone his whole body. Lol.

pandehz1660d ago

Fenix is a Titan by himself.

matrixman921660d ago

Fenix has the same voice actor as Bender in futurama....Bender confirmed as playable in Titanfall

JokesOnYou1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Sarcasm flies over the head of some's the Beta, which is great news since the bastards didn't send me a Alpha test invite.

EeJLP-1659d ago

I'd rebuy COD4 remastered with trophies. Full 1080p 60fps with better textures, lighting, whatever.

EeJLP-1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

n4g needs to ban announcements of announcements and countdowns to announcements btw.

ambientFLIER1659d ago


Me too…just make that damn grass and trees move on all the maps! Please tell me I'm not the only one that liked the dark and somber maps of COD4, compared to the colorful maps of new CODs…? Yes, I know they were all mostly grey and brown, but they looked very realistic because of it, didn't they?

irepbtown1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

COD4 is quite possibly my favourite FPS. It was revolutionary at the time. If it's remastered in 1080p, that I would like. However, whatever it may be, I hope it's as fun and enjoyable and re playable as COD4.

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truefan11660d ago ShowReplies(3)
ATi_Elite1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

"Soon we will have an announcement that we will be having an announcement that we might announce something relevant about a future announcement"

Vince Zampella

Tapewurm1659d ago

You realized that you chose the wrong platform to launch on and are now switching camps? 8)

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mhunterjr1660d ago

Beta would be too obvious... Maybe they're announcing some new game mode.

GraveLord1660d ago

Obvious Beta Is Obvious

The "super secret" hashtag is him making a joke people.

xfear2diex1660d ago

well played well played
the ds2 hype should be stronger than that

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Tsar4ever011659d ago

That what I was about to say.

Respawn, "We feel that our company would PROFIT MUCH MORE if we bring our game to other platforms. So we announce Today that TITANFALL and all future TF games will be ported to PS3 and PS4 and Nintendo Wii-U."

speedforce1311659d ago

That's exactly what I'm thinking lmao! I mean, look at your disagrees. 27 disagrees. That tells me right there, matches up with what Vince said about how nobody can guess what it is. Apparently 27 people couldn't guess that it is a PS4 release so it must be a PS4 release LOL