DICE hasn’t given up on Battlefield 4, new patches in the works

After officially requesting help from the fans, DICE has commented on the latest upcoming balancing changes in the game. A new Mantle patch is also rumored to be released this February.

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MorbidPorpoise1700d ago

Dice should do what Bethseda do....

1 - Release buggy game.
2 - Stop fixing and let the fanbase fix it.
3 - Repeat the above.

GamingGod3581700d ago

It's EA's fault ... When the publisher pushes things too much, it gets nasty real quick ... the result ... #BF4 ..

Aleithian1700d ago

There were insider reports at EA that blamed DICE for the problem. The guy backed it up with pretty interesting reasoning. That said, none of us really know what happened. It's just not necessarily as clear-cut as "EA rushed it."

erathaol1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

DICE making a commitment to the fans to make this game functional is for the best in the long haul. They save face and are able to get these bugs out of the way now before they use this engine for their next game.

GamingGod3581700d ago

@Erathaol ...

Commitment for the long haul???????

DICE won't be making another BF game in the near future, I tell you that! .. :X ..

princejb1341700d ago


i agree with alethian
no one really knows what happens
its just gamers saying EA rushed dice

one thing for sure is that i wont be a buying another bf game
bf3 was buggy and now bf4 is buggy also
thats to many bugs for the $60 i spend

n4rc1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

I kinda call bs on the let's blame ea train.

They publish dozens of games each year.. Its not like all of them are buggy messes that bf3 and bf4 were at launch..

I'm sure they hold some blame.. A game as massive as bf takes extra time.. But I put the blame on dice myself.

Having said that.. I'm thoroughly enjoying bf4.. I didn't encounter many issues others claimed.. I even bought premium even though I said I wouldn't after bf3.. But I'm enjoying it way more

scootscottskeet931700d ago

N4rc every game that ea releases are buggy... Their servers are horrible.

n4rc1700d ago

If I were to think back to 4-5 of the worst ea games, dice has their name attached to all of them.. In terms of bugs, not crap games entirely

I've skipped the last few sports titles but they were always top notch.. I'm struggling to think of more ea games..

Titanfall is looking pretty sweet.. Can't assume it will be full of bugs just because ea is publishing.

Unless ea is continually putting dice under unreasonable deadlines.. The lions share of the blame is on them.. From bf to moh. Its always the same when it comes from dice.. But not always the case for ea.

But again.. I enjoy bf4.. But there are a ton of bugs.. I'm not ready to boycott them Lol.. But I can notice the pattern

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Skate-AK1700d ago

Can't even do that. Frostbite doesn't really have mod support.

Elit3Nick1700d ago

The difference is that Frostbite isn't open to modders like Gamebryo/Creation was

gk071700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Release the patches ,but i hope u learned a lesson from this ,i think u could of held onto it a little longer ,i still got that flickering going on in sli .

jay21700d ago

Erm. Maybe you should, I don't no? RELEASE A WORKING GAME. Not keep patching.

MajorGecko1700d ago

don't care about this game anymore, still no rent a server update for consoles????

Parasyte1700d ago

I'm sure Rent-A-Server is the last thing they are worried about at the moment.

n4rc1700d ago

Opening up rentals on a game with issues isn't wise..

Paying for the game is a toss up.. Its as is. But paying for a server entitles you to a level of quality.. They can't add a whole mess of issues to their workload right now

MajorGecko1700d ago

rent-a-server allows for bigger games and longer games, stop making excuses for it not being their it should have been there before they released the game

Mikeyy1700d ago

To be honest... I Had BF3 for PS3 and I enjoyed the game much more when there where NO server rentals.

Once they allowed server rentals things got chaotic, and it becomes an absolute CHORE to find a server with the rules you want to play on. I used to be able to just do quick join, conquest, and always instantly get an awesome official DICE server and just play. Now you do that and it just throws you into any random server set to conquest(or your mode of choice), with god knows what for server rules.

I don't want to play on servers that ban the stinger and IGLA and allow OP helicopter pilots to got 80-2 with zero way to fight back against then, yet numerous rent-a-servers have this rule.

With rent-a-server you also get kicked with no notice to make room for the owners buddies, or even just because you killed the admin a few times.

I have BF4 for PC because I don't have a PS4 yet, and the Custom servers are AWEFUL... 3/4 of the conquest servers are set to OPERATION LOCKER 24/7 That is your future... I hate that map and I am sick of it.

Yes having Higher ticket counts is a major major plus, but the trade off is really bad, these server rules ruin the game.

csreynolds1700d ago

Completely agree with this. Putting kill whores and sore losers in charge of a server, allowing them to play God with BF3's multiplayer experience, was a terrible idea. I've been kicked from a game for being the MVP, I've been kicked from a game for knifing the admin and taking his tags, I've been kicked for PTFO (I sh*t you not)...

If DICE implements rent-a-server for consoles, I will abandon this title like I never owned it.

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Freeball1700d ago

They may not have given up on it, but I already have.

GamingGod3581700d ago

'Let the sky fall ... when it crumbles .. we will stand tall .. face it all .. OH, C'MON DICE FIX YOU MOTHER-FIN' GAME!!!!!' .. :X ...

:D :D :D

Tru_Blu1700d ago

Same here. After putting hundreds of hours in BC2 and BF3, they have successfully made me lose all interest in the franchise.

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