Xbox One Patch Expected to Improve GPU Performance at Expense of Kinect

Microsoft has a bit of a problem on its hands when it comes to the performance of the Xbox One. The internals of the machine aren’t that different to those of the PS4, with the exception of the GPU, which is noticeably better in the PS4.

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Excalibur1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Looks like Microsoft is finally starting to see the error in their ways.

As I've said a few times now, I predict and “arcade” Kinect-less version on the Xbox One at or around Holiday 2014.

JeffGUNZ1487d ago

It isn't removing kinect, it's making the 8% for Kinect video which was reserved regardless if used to now be open to the developer. So, if the developer only needs say 2%, then 6% is open, or if they are only using voice commands in kinect, 8% can be used for FPS or whatnot.

headblackman1487d ago

it's really not an error. it's simply a vision that's a little ahead of it's time and also a vision that requires a nice chunk of the systems power. but the x1 kinect is said to have a quad core processor within it, so why they aren't using these instead of the power of the system beats the hell out of me :-/ i personally don't think that the error is in the kinect, think that it's in the design of the tri-os. ambitious idea, but just not ready yet. and that's just my honest opinion as an xb1 owner. i really like and enjoy the new kinect a lot and im certain that 8% isn't the issue here and nor will it be an improvement worthy of even attempting. the power strain is somewhere else and can be pulled from somewhere else (and no im not talking about the cloud this time). it's just seems rather odd that the design of the system was getting loads of praise at the hotchips event (even with the knowledge of the confirmed ps4 specs) and it not be able to have something useful that is or could have been reserved about it. ive seen a breakdown of the system and no one has been able to fully say what the other 8gigs of flash memory was used for, now has anyone fully thought to do a tare down of the drive that's in the xb1 or the ps4. i would love to know everything about both consoles and how they plan on keeping up with the already here 4k resolution in not only movies, but also games.

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hello121487d ago

Microsoft will win next gen if they keep bringing more of the great games back and bringing new ones to the x box 1

josephayal1487d ago

the xbox one is a powerful, powerful machine

4logpc1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

This had nothing to do with Kinect bring "sacrificed"

all it does is allow the developer to use the 8% reserved for Kinect to be utilized if the game doesnt use Kinect for video purposes.

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