Buy Dead Rising 3, Get World War Z Free

HD movie free when you purchase a digital copy of the Xbox One action game.

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GentlemenRUs1574d ago

The movie itself or a Rental?

Palitera1574d ago

The movie itself. One of the best zombie movies I've seen.

On a side noite, with BF4 I got Elite Troop. Great movie!

They could do more of this.

InMyOpinion1574d ago

Tropa de Elite! Awesome movie. You should check out the sequel as well. It's just as good.

erathaol1573d ago

That's a hot deal, World War Z is a good movie and Dead Rising 3 is a good game (maybe the best game one the Xbox One right now).

Would really recommend this to anyone who was going to get Dead Rising 3, that has been on the fence about it.

n4rc1573d ago

Well that blows.. Lol

Downloaded it awhile back.. Wonder if I'll get the deal retro'd

CynicalKelly1574d ago

Oh yeah, of course. Nothing for Day One guys.

MaverickStar71574d ago

If you bought the game on day one then you have been playing it since day one. Getting the game as soon as possible is not enough? Things like giving away a movie, lowering the price, and releasing bundles are ways to increase sales once they start to slow down or to give incentive for the people who were on the fence about buying it.

CynicalKelly1573d ago

I understand how it works, it's just kinda crappy that I get a pat on the back for buying it on Day One but people who wait until it's cheaper get a free movie with it.

MaverickStar71573d ago

If you understand how it works, but still think its crappy then you are either greedy or jealous. Next time don't buy a game you want when it comes out. Wait 2-3 months so you can get some extra incentive. See if was worth more for you to get that extra bonus or be playing that game all that time.

mhunterjr1573d ago

Such is life for an early adopter. Over time, a products value decreases, so companies do things like this to increase the value to entice new customers.

LoliconMaster1573d ago

I thought World War Z was a terrible movie. It was like a My First Zombie movie for 6 year olds.