Performance analysis: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

DF: "The unscheduled, early release this weekend of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 allowed us to get something of a head start on our upcoming Face-Off coverage. Factoring in the controversy surrounding the frame-rate differential between the two versions, we prioritised performance analysis in order to get our impressions to you as quickly as possible - and the results are going to make for uncomfortable reading at Microsoft."

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mos61421755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )


ps4 less consistent, average at 53 fps- sometimes dips to 32
xbox one more consistent, average at 30 fps- lowest dip to 24.

xbox one version is locked at 30, ps4 version is unlocked.

digital foundry says they have a source that says dirext x 11 driver for xbox still needs alot of work.

As they pointed out though, that difference is largely based on the decision to cap the Xbox version at 30 instead of allowing it to go higher and create more noticeable judder.

nategrigs1755d ago

xbone version is not locked at 30 (otherwise it couldn't drop below 30). It is capped at 30

mewhy321755d ago

Wow the PS4 version is really trumping the bone's release. The difference in power is becoming more and more evident as time goes on.

UltimateMaster1755d ago

The definitive rip-off edition, especially on Xbox One.
A year old game somewhat enhanced can't go beyond 30 frames on Xbox One. What a joke.

mkis0071755d ago

This is a heavily spun summary for anyone that really wants a summary.

starchild1755d ago

There is no such thing as locking a framerate at a certain number of FPS. The only thing you can do is cap the framerate so that you don't get judder from an UNEVEN framerate.

In this case, the PS4's is uneven and juddery as hell. I saw it in the videos and this confirms it.

Both systems have stutter and that sucks, but the PS4 is worse since its framerate fluctuates more. I'm glad I have the PC version at a solid 60fps.

thekhurg1754d ago


You saw nothing because the video is capped at 30fps and the PS4 version never dropped below 30fps. Nice try though.

Ultra1754d ago

Meanwhile, MISTERX and the clones are playing drama with 'the insiders' and fairy telling that the xbone could get 60FPS on 'stereo driver' some day. The blog is filled with made up stories from 'the insiders' to keep visitors living in a dream.

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Xsilver1755d ago

That's that above 30 Gravy

loopygames1755d ago

They had to try to cap it or it will look even worse.

"For Xbox One, we can only speculate, but we suspect that a lower overall performance resulted in even more noticeable judder were the game to remain unlocked - which would look really unattractive compared to the capped 30fps frame-rate we see in the final game."
- Digital Foundry

Riderz13371755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Xbox One version is locked at 30 FPS and yet it dips to 24? Do you know what "Locked at 30" means?

A last gen port of a game on the Xbox One drops to 24 FPS...What a joke. 500$ well spent.

xfear2diex1755d ago

locked 30fps means can,t go beyond 30fps
really there no game without dipping
the ps4 ver appear to be unstable in action where the fps drop steadily on 50fps where the game should stand still 60fps to be 100% superior and the lowest drop is for a moment or two it's not like the game will run at 24fps all the time or drop every two moments the game is indeed locked at 30fps with few dips with heavy action get your facts straight next time

mkis0071755d ago

uh xfear2diex...locked means it is locked at that frame rate and doesn't drop or raise...capped is the word you are thinking of. Doesn't go higher than. and no during action sequesnces the ps4 is holding 60 fps while the xbox 1 is holding 30. MAybe watch the analysis.

starchild1755d ago

The difference is, the XB1 version stays at 30fps 90% of the time, while the PS4 version is under 60fps most of the time.

The XB1 has a much more STABLE framerate. I would take a stable 30fps over a juddery fluctuating framerate any day.

Either way, though, it makes me glad that I get a nice SOLID 60fps on my PC.

pyramidshead1755d ago

What should be more worrying is that this is basically a port of a last gen game. Realising this doesn't paint a particularly good picture for the XB1.

NoLongerHereCBA1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Which just means that the engine isn't optimized for a console that has a more difficult/different architecture.

PS4 is closer to that of a PC (more straight forward approach) which can make a drastic difference. I'm not saying that the Xbox One version could be better than the PS4. But it can make a difference which could narrow the gap.

dantesparda1755d ago

You people just have excuses for everything. Or it could just be that the X1 is not as good as you fanboys think it is. You ever think of that?

scott1821755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Holy crap, the thing dips to 18fps on the second video, that's horrible.

NoLongerHereCBA1755d ago

@dantesparda did you even read what I said? I just said it myself that I don't think it would get the same amount of FPS, but that it can make a difference.

I'm sure you believed all the things about the COD engine having a very high FPS on the PS4 and a very low FPS on the Xbox One without any optimization right? That's what I just said. PS4 is more straight forward, like a PC which will instantly give you a higher FPS. For the Xbox One you either need to do a lot of work to get it up to scale or really mold your engine to get the best out of the Xbox 1.

It's not an excuse, it is what it is.

ABizzel11755d ago

Last gen game or not, Tomb Raider isn't the easiest game to max out even on PC without High end cards, and these console versions are basically on the same level as the PC version on Ultra settings.

Again these are launch title / launch windows games, and the consoles will gain better performance once drivers, and engines are better optimized.

But as predicted the XBO is hovering around the HD 7770 performance wise, which is really sad, because it should be comfortably between the 6850 - 7790.

Meanwhile the PS4 is around the 480 / 660 which is just a bit below the 7870 where it should be, and eventually exceed.

It's a sad case for the XBO, because until they get their bandwidth up, 32MB of eSRAM won't cut it, they needed their 8GB of DDR3 to be 100+ GB/s, and now they need to remove all the under-clocks they have just to match the GPU it's based up, and they'll still be far behind PS4.

liquidhalos1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )


Correct me if im wrong (and im not)

But aren't both the PS4 and Xbox ONE using X86 architecture? The same architecture as each other, as in no different to each other, as in identical.

I had to repeat that a few times as you are quite condescending to people in your reply below. I figured id be just like you (except unlike you im right, AKA you're wrong)

I thought the difference was in gpu power and poor choice of esram on Microsofts behalf which means that the difference is an actual tangible power difference (i suggest you read some articles on N4G, its been mentioned quite a few times)

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GribbleGrunger1755d ago

It actually drops lower than 24fps on the X1. I guess Leadbetter did his best though:

G20WLY1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

18fps?! That's like a frickin' slide show. 8^/

MS utilises PowerPoint experience in X1, confirmed?

Joking aside, I'd heard it was locked at 30fps on X1, so I'm genuinely surprised by this...apparently the accurate term is 'capped'. :^o

GribbleGrunger1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

The article has been revised, so I'll give Leadbetter a break here:

Edit: Yes it's 'capped' not 'locked'.

edit 2: Ok, I won't give Leadbetter a break.

"we also have a registered dip to 18fps, where the game seems to momentarily freeze for 12 frames at 4:12 in the video - though this isn't indicative of general performance. For those interested, this post explains the confusion - in effect, the frame-rate counter is updating across a sample of 30 frames rather than 60 - as you can see, the graph itself is registering 24fps. We'll get this fixed up in time for the full Face-Off."

It's been revised back up again LOL

"It's not terrible ... It's just really bad."

jackanderson19851755d ago

it's been reupdated just so ya know... turns out it's their counter that's wrong (or does it's calculations in a funny way) and the graph shows it only dips to 24

starchild1754d ago

Quit being dishonest. They explained exactly why the actual lowest point was 24fps and not 18fps, and it makes perfect sense if you understand how frame rate counters work.

"For its part, Xbox One is clearly more consistent, but a lowest reported frame-rate dip of 24fps isn't great. [Update 20:20 GMT: and as the more eagle-eyed have noticed, we also have a registered dip to 18fps, where the game seems to momentarily freeze for 12 frames at 4:12 in the video - though this isn't indicative of general performance. For those interested, this post explains the confusion - in effect, the frame-rate counter is updating every half second - as you can see, the graph itself is registering 24fps. Apologies for the confusion, We'll get this fixed up in time for the full Face-Off.]"

Even if it had dipped to 18fps momentarily, it wouldn't be the big deal you are making it out to be. What matters is where the frame rate averages most of the time. A singular dip is just a blip.

The PS4 version spends a majority of it's time under 60fps, which means that the framerate is fluctuating and uneven since the variable frame intervals will be out of sync with the 60hz refresh rate of the display.

The XB1 version is 30fps most of the time. This is clear from the averages:
29.98fps on XB1, 53.36fps on PS4 in cutscenes; 29.84fps on XB1, 50.98fps on PS4 during gameplay.

With the AVERAGE on the XB1 so close to 30fps it is clear that it sticks to 30fps the great majority of the time. With the PS4 AVERAGING 50.98fps it means it spends as much time below 50fps as above. That is, it has judder most of the time. And this certainly lines up with what I saw in the gameplay videos of the PS4 version which showed a juddery frame rate most of the time.

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Mr Pumblechook1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Xbone highest frame rate =30fps
PS4 highest frame rate = 60fps

Xbone average frame rate =29.98fps
PS4 average frame rate = 53.36fps

DAMN. That's a significant difference. I hope Microsoft don't start moneyhatting developers for 'parity.'

NoLongerHereCBA1755d ago

Xbox One version is capped to 30fps so the highest and average frame rate are not informative for comparisons sake.

mkis0071755d ago

well the ps4's frame rate is capped at 60 so that point is overblown.

MightyNoX1755d ago

Capped, dude. NOT locked.

D-riders1755d ago

wth type of fanboy commnet was that

LetoAtreides821754d ago

Starchild you do realize that youtube videos are capped at 30fps, right?

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DarkLordMalik1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Cutscene Frame-rate

Xbox One
Lowest FPS: 27fps
Highest FPS: 30fps
Average FPS: 29.98fps

Lowest FPS: 32fps
Highest FPS: 60fps
Average FPS: 53.36fps

Gameplay Frame-rate

Xbox One
Lowest FPS: 24fps
Highest FPS: 30fps
Average FPS: 29.84fps

Lowest FPS: 33fps
Highest FPS: 60fps
Average FPS: 50.98fps

Kayant1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Oh shit!!! 24 fps average is a huge lead. Damn was actually not expecting it to be that big tbh.

Edit - Oh that's during cutscenes.

It's about 20fps during gameplay but XB1 is mostly locked at 30 fps.

The upcoming features analysis will be intresting to see if there is any differences between both versions. Probably unlikely but all games so far have had some difference in features.

Edit 2 - After watching the videos personally I would still go for the PS4 version because it's averaging high 40-50fps quite well and the framerate drops don't seem that they would be that noticeable.


Am going to guess maybe because it isn't as consistent with v-sync off compared to the PS4 version so capping it would result in a better experience.

mos61421755d ago

they capped the xbox one version at 30 my friend. ps4 is unlocked.

1755d ago
GarrusVakarian1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )


Probably because if they unlocked the framerate for the X1 the judder would be way too noticeable and more frequent, so they decided to cap it (not lock it). Whereas for the PS4, while not locked at 60fps, the judder was deemed acceptable and therefore runs unlocked.

"For Xbox One, we can only speculate, but we suspect that a lower overall performance resulted in even more noticeable judder were the game to remain unlocked -"

wolokowoh1755d ago

@The_Infected Probably just lack of optimization. They probably know the ins and outs of PS4 a little better because: a) they got dev kits for it first b) PS4 is slightly easier to develop for c)the deadline was too soon to optimize the Xbone version as well. It could be the power difference but they didn't do enough upgrading to explain how a console significantly more powerful than 360 couldn't handle the changes when the PS4 does so almost effortlessly.

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hulk_bash19871755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Glad to know that when I do eventually get it (in the $40 price range) I will be getting the better of the two console versions. Not to say that the Xbox One version is bad.

starchild1754d ago

Only if you like stutter. The PS4 version averages well below 60fps and fluctuates a lot more than the XB1 version, swinging all the way between 33fps and 60fps.

That is going to mean that the game stutters most of the time.

I would greatly prefer a solid 60fps over a solid 30fps, but I would also prefer a solid 30fps over a stuttery variable framerate, even if it averages higher.

hulk_bash19871754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Right but it isn't a solid 30fps it still dips below. So I would much rather prefer a variable between 60-30fps than one between 30-below 20fps.

MasterCornholio1754d ago

It still doesn't prove that the Xbox One is on par with a 399$ console. And it also proves that the developers think that the PS4s variable 60 is better than the Xbox Ones variable 30FPS. Because if they didn't they could have capped the framerate of the PS4 version at 30FPS.

MasterCornholio1755d ago

Wow i wasnt expecting the difference to be so large.