'Final Fantasy VII" VERY limited edition Vinyl

Tanya Valdez writes: Any fan of the Final Fantasy franchise can truly appreciate having the entire Final Fantasy VII soundtrack for listening pleasure. Having a limited edition vinyl with the game's popular tunes in their hands raises the excitement to a whole other level!

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-Foxtrot1697d ago

Hmmmm...I want to get it but I don't

I mean picture discs....not sure how the quality would be there.

Then theres the fact it's not the full soundtrack. I hope they do FFVIII after this then FFIX and FFX

Never even looked on their store before but bloody hell, it's like 60% FFXIII stuff, 20% FFVII and 10% Other.

Wolfbiker1696d ago

I have a few picture disc records myself and I can personally say no quality is lost in their sound.

UltimateMaster1697d ago

An interesting purchase for any collector.