Cliff Bleszinski Responds to Gears Changing Hands

GR said, "One of the main minds behind Gears of War has no interest in being involved with the new project."

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NYC_Gamer1661d ago

I can't blame Cliffy though.It comes a time when developers should move on and create something fresh.

GutZ311661d ago

I agree, but I feel when that time comes, I wish they would kill the franchise, not do a spyro the dragon neutering.

nukeitall1661d ago

I agree, but I love Gears of War too much so I would rather have CliffyB work on it. Too bad, but Rod Fergusson is on it!


JokesOnYou1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

"My former employer has sold the Gears of War IP/franchise to Microsoft and my friend Rod Fergusson is going to be working on it.

To be honest, I don’t think the franchise could be in better hands. Heck, Rod’s Twitter handle, to this day, is “Gears Viking.” Gears is just as much Rod’s baby as it was mine. He’ll take good care of her. (Rod, I owe you a girly drink at GDC.)

Phil Spencer went out of his way to give me a phone call to inform me of the transaction last week. Phil, you didn’t have to do that, you’re a gentleman. I appreciate it; that goes a long way. 343 knocked it out of the park with Halo and I think Black Tusk will do a fantastic job with Gears.

I suppose this puts the nail in the coffin of the question “Will Gears ever come to Playstation?”

Safe to say that’s not likely to happen. (Besides, it gives me something to look forward to on Xbox One besides Titanfall and Project Spark…oh and more Halo, of course.)"

-I like Cliffy B., he's always been a pretty cool dude in my book. Gears along with that "Mad World" trailer single handedly sold alot of xbox 360's, Gears franchise is still today thought of as part of xbox dna...the way I see it is its just "coming home", permanently. I'm definitely looking forward to the next gen Gears on Xbox One and whatever Cliffy is cooking up too.

mcstorm1661d ago

@JokesOnYou I agree I did not play judgment as I did not like the Demo and was playing Horizon and my Wiiu too much at the time it came out but I cant wait to see where gears goes next and im glad I picked up a xbox one as it now looks like Microsoft are taking it in the right direction.

hulk_bash19871661d ago

Couldn't agree more, just like with Kojima. As much as I love the Metal Gear Solid Franchise to death I really wish we can see what Kojima would create as far as a fresh new ip.

mediate-this1661d ago

Ya man i agree, or even finish the zoe series, would be sick. Mgs series is done for me, i just cant get into it, the same thing happens all the time, just different paint.

hulk_bash19871661d ago

As much as I love Metal Gear, I would have loved to see a ZOE next gen Sequel much more.

Syntax-Error1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Finish the ZOE series? Shit, finish Shenmue!!! With the technology we have today and what Shenmue did on the Dreamcast...that game could be amazing. Shenmue did what no one has duplicated today down to the point where people actually closed their store and you could watch them walk home to their homes. Amazing. No one was a random pop-in population character. GTA still hasn't done that. Doesnt feel like a breathing world

Myze1660d ago


While I would love another Shenmue as well, what does it have to do with Kojima or MGS?

Speaking of Kojima, I would love to see him make another game like Snatcher or Policenauts. A new ZoE would be great, as well.

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erathaol1661d ago

He's wanted to move on for a long time, even after Gears of War, he has had an itch to make different types of games. It just happened that they needed it him on Gears of War and he's been in the industry long enough, that having such a big project in his hands like Gears of War, was something he couldn't walk away from without giving it his all first.

Glad he's such a different personality than what people perceive him as, he's a lot friendly too and has a great sense of humor. I've never met him personally but Mega64 has told some really funny stories about him, along with videos they have done together.

Looking forward to what he puts out in the future.

Volkama1661d ago

Last I heard he is delving back into the PC FPS Arena.... arena.

If Titanfall doesn't live up to my expectations then I'll be pinning a lot of hope on this mystery project :)

erathaol1660d ago

I'm on the Evolve train personally, more I hear about that game the more interesting it is, one dev sold me when he said,

"The matches are more like 'Fighting game' matches, they get really intense. When its all over, you come out of it with palms sweating and need a moment to breath."

Sounds like the last minutes of Counter-Strike to me.


maddskull1661d ago

but gears will not be the same gears that was made by cliffy.

Trekster_Gamer1661d ago

They need a change of guard for gears, can't wait!

TheDevKit1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

I wouldn't expect the same.

otherZinc1661d ago

No, Cliff, THANK YOU!

My family loves the Gears series. I've beaten every Gears game on Insanity, Co-op & of course the great Horde Mode.

I'm looking forward to the XBOX ONE installment. I'm still holding out hope you'll help the BT team if they ask.

However, I'm very pleased you've endorsed the new Gears Team!

jerethdagryphon1661d ago

the problem is, gears is a war story pure and simple and because of that the next one will be a war story with cover and, mp mechanics,

eventually unless they do new chars and such gear will become cod like and iterative,

adventure games like uncharted while formulaic get away with more because of story.

so in my opinion this may not be as good as people hope

Syntax-Error1660d ago

Cliff actually held Gears back. The bosses were hyped and under-delivered because of this. The Boss in Gears 2 was easier to beat than Gears 1. Too many personalities in the game that were rushed in a trilogy.

drizzom1660d ago

"Gears of War - The Musical" rumored 2015

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UnholyLight1661d ago

I think people take the goofy side of him too seriously sometimes, but this guy shows nothing but the utmost class and respect right here.

Kudos to him I say, and he makes a great point.

TheDevKit1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Yeah, I get a different vibe from Cliff than people like Phil Fish.

BeefyDeedz1661d ago

It's a nice read, but I had to do a double-take at "343 knocked it out of the park with Halo". Different strokes I suppose.

MrSwankSinatra1661d ago

pretty sure he was being politically correct. it's not wise to burn bridges.

Team_Litt1661d ago

In my opinion, Halo 4 was the best Heal in terms of story/single player campaign. I've never cared so much for MC as I did in Halo 4. The story was very memorable.
In terms of multiplayer, Halo 3 still holds the crown, but Reach turned me off a bit in that regard so I now play Halo mostly for the fantastic story.

As you said however, different strokes, I respect that you feel differently.

sinspirit1661d ago

I can't understand how anyone can like Halo 4's story having played the previous game when it destroys some of the concepts like Spartan's being so unique and drastically changing Cortana and adding thrusters in his suit(His nanomachines don't make add-on's, only provides self regeneration).. It also Michael Bay's the plot of the game.

TheDevKit1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

It could have been a lot worse.

Ace Killa 081661d ago

The franchise itself was something that swept the past generation. I don't wish for a reboot or anything to milk the series, however it be nice if done correctly to have a current gen graphics. Till then it be nothing more than just an experience and a dam good one!

Thanks Cliffy and Epic for making a great series. Dam you People can fly for making Judgment, that's game gave me the reason to not hope for any future releases.

christocolus1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

"Damn you People can fly for making Judgment, that's game gave me the reason to not hope for any future releases."

Lmao..i thought i was the only one who didnt like judgement. I believe blacktusk will do a better job though.

Ace Killa 081661d ago

I literally bought it one day and returned it for another game the next. It was that bad!!

Though I did manage to get Defiance and that game was better than GOWJ, not the greatest.

MadMen1661d ago

Phil Spencer, a good person for MS to have, unlike most of them he is an honest and true gamer gentleman.

christocolus1661d ago

Yeah phil is a great guy. With Dons depature he has been able to make some really good deceisions. Good job. Wish cliffy b would join ms though. Miss him and J allard.

tuglu_pati1661d ago

I agree Im starting to like this guy. Is good that MS has someone like that for a change.

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