Indie Dev Kitatus Studios Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Distro Horizons VS Galaximo’s Army

"UK based indie developer Kitatus Studios, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their 3D Collectathon game, Distro Horizons VS Galaximo’s Army."

"The game is heavily inspired by such timeless classics as, Banjo Kazooie, Super Mario 64, Crash Bandicoot and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. But is said to also offer new, unique and interesting gameplay mechanics that have not yet been seen in the genre."

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isarai1573d ago

the game honestly looks very bad

zerocrossing1573d ago

Actually, considering what is being shown is pre-alpha, i'd say it looks pretty damn good.

Besides, the concept and what the team are hoping to achieve is more important than providing a stunning demo.

isarai1573d ago

well the number 1 reason old school collections were fun was due to large refined perfect level design and consistent charm. there's not even any platforming to this game and the levels are linear shit, not to mention it's largely inconsistent in its design and really does a horrible job of showing what this game will be like, which is what pre-alphas should accomplish unless what was shown is what it will be. on top of that it literally has zero charm and the awkward realistic mocap animations on a heavily cartoon stylized character is a horrible clash in design.

ryuuzakibjorn1572d ago

What you're saying sounds more of a personal attack then a criticism. "Large refined perfect level design" comes from the funding to do so. It's almost impossible to do without a budget, hence why they're on Kickstarter. There's no platforming because it's the first alpha, as they need the money to fund the project. See it more as a project pitch if that pleases you. The level is linear due to the fact it's a test map. An early alpha. Largely inconsistent again is due to the fact it's an alpha, a test. "Really does a horrible job of what they game will be like" - Wait, you've played the final product already? Of course you haven't because it's not out yet. It's not motion capture on the cartoon character actually, it's a problem with the IK movement, something that needs to be re-animated which is only possible with funding. Maybe you should take into account that this is the first "test" of the project ,which can't be fixed or completed without funding. In fact, it says in the demo what needs to be improved and it lists everything you've complained about. Thank-you for calling my project shit without giving it a chance. I'll be sure to look out for when you make a game and when you release a testing alpha, I'll be sure to call it shit too. Maybe AAA* devs wouldn't care about people talking shit about their game, but this indie dev does.

isarai1572d ago

My guess is you've never actually tried to make a game, it does not cost money to make a simple jump script nor does it cost money to simply make a more open level. What do you think they get charged by someone every time they add an asset to a personally made project? the only thing it takes to make a good level is time and effort, and being a test has very little to do with it's linearity, in fact making this linear level would take more effort than an open test level. also you're reading WAY to much into my comment, basically all im saying is the demo looked bad and as something that's supposed to show the gist of what the game is going to be about, it's just showing me very poorly made linear levels and not platforming, which are to big nonos in a collectathon, and also has very inconsistent design. did i ever say i wouldn't give this game a chance? no, did i say the game will be shit? no. i'm simply stating what i see, and what i see is a very bad start for for a collectathon