Why Microsoft Is Smart To Secure 'Gears of War' For The Xbox One

News broke this morning that the Gears of War franchise will now be wholly owned by Microsoft, as the company purchased all present and future rights to the series from creator Epic Games. This means future Gears of War titles will be for the Xbox One and Xbox One only, with no chance of the series jumping ship or going multiplatform.

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NYC_Gamer1701d ago

Gears is one of the faces of the Xbox brand..MS would have been foolish to allow the franchise to set around and die while Epic produces mobile/f2p software

-Foxtrot1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

True but the thing is where else can you go with Gears, all I see is prequels and after Judgement they do nothing to progress the overall story. Why hang around telling stories about a war we already how it ends. Throughout the game when they try to make it out like the stakes are low and how it's their last chance to win this war you'll know that they win the end anyway.

It's different if Epic did a Halo 3 where they had a secret ending hinting that despite this "war" being over something else was coming. In Halo 3 Chief defeated the flood, saved the universe and won the war for Mankind, when he went to sleep at the end it was kind of Bungies way of letting him "rest"....for now and they hinted towards a new story before they left so when someone took over they had stuff to work with.

So even if they let Epic leave the franchise hanging around while they focus on other things at least then you wouldn't be making the games for the sake of it.

Obviously we don';t know where they are going to go with this but as I've said the only way they could go is a prequel and that's something I don't think many of us want to see...unless they find a very and I mean VERY smart way to push the series forward.

theWB271701d ago

Why is it so far fetched to create a new story in the same universe? A new adversary. This is a science fiction video game and NOTHING is grounded in reality.

Just the time it took to write this statement I've thought of a new way to take the story. It isn't like Gears was some narrative force in the industry either. Use a little imagination. It's awesome.

AngelicIceDiamond1701d ago

@Fox Who cares there's some bright devs out there they'll think of something.

MS was smart to buy it.

At this point If Gears was in development Epic would of made it Multiplat completely out of MS control.

Everyone felt the inevitable including MS. So MS cut a deal to purchase it.

Lets be honest if the game was to be made by epic, again it probably would of been multiplat setting the industry a blaze.

truefan11701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

I beat GOW a while ago, but if I remember correctly, we never technically saw the queen die. I remember her falling off a cliff, but not her dying. I'm sure a group getting paid to come up with a story can do just that.

georgeenoob1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

It's amazing how they announce this at such a random time, I can only imagine what E3 will be like. Gears of War is easily my favorite franchise of last gen. Then it's Maas Effect.

Soon to come on Xbox One: Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Halo, Fable Legends, Quantum Break, Project Spark, D4, Gears of War, Black Tusk new IP, Crackdown 3. There'll be even more AAA announcements this E3 as well. Amazing job, Microsoft. Phil Spencer for president.

Playstation fans were right. The PS2 era IS coming back. Except for Xbox One.

-Foxtrot1701d ago


Because at the end of the day adding something else is going to seem like it's pushing it and that they are coming up with something for the sake of it


Who cares...a lot of people that's who. You could have the brightest devs in the world but if you've wrote yourself's into a tight corner during a story it's very difficult to get out of it

That whole "We've finally got a tomorrow" speech would end up feeling pointless in the end

UnHoly_One1701d ago

I don't agree at all.

You can make up a whole new cast of characters and an entirely new adversary and it can still be "Gears".

MARKSMAN71361701d ago

EXACTLY!! That's what I've been asking ppl is where are they gonna try to go??? There are no more locusts or lambent anymore so maybe human vs humans? Maybe they bring back all the extinct locusts or start making prequels cuz I just don't see the point of continuing Gears at this point.

-Foxtrot1701d ago


For me the Locusts were part of Gears, take them away and it will feel less like a Gears of War game.

Imagine getting rid of the Covenant completely in Halo or the Helghast in just wouldn't work. I guess it worked more in Halo because of how big the universe and story is but other games like Gears where it's JUST about the Locus and Lambent what else are they going to do.

If it was revealed at the end of Gears 3 that FOR EXAMPLE the Locus didn't actuallt evolve on Sera, they evolved on another planet, their homeworld and that they are more technologically advanced then least you can go with that.

CYCLEGAMER1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


Soooooo is rebooting the franchise completely out of the realm of possibility??? LOL...I swear you guys try to turn anything MS does into a negative.

nukeitall1701d ago

They could always write a story about another threat that wasn't discovered earlier, or even the locust might have survived.

We still don't know why locust queen was human?

-Foxtrot1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


Really...your turning this into a "You just hate MS" argument....please

I've been saying the same thing about Gears story since after I finished the third one...well BEFORE MS bought the rights


I think they covered that in the novels...a great example of why using different types of media to give backstories is silly since not everyone gets to read them.

starchild1701d ago


Yes, we know you have been hating on Microsoft and cheerleading for Sony long before this announcement. It's funny that you think anybody would take your trolling and negativity towards the XB1 in this case seriously.

This was a good, smart move for Microsoft. Quit trying to downplay it.

malokevi1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

A universe like Gears is ripe for stories. They don't have to be good, so long as the gameplay holds up. Time and space go on forever.

I've long since learned to expect nothing from videogames story-wise. Personally, I feel spoiled by books and movies. Games just dont seem to hold up. Maybe as graphics become more convincing, devs will put more effort in. This gen could be a good one.

Although, Tom Clancy's pseudo-military stories aren't particularly good in books, either. The best way might be to take a discarded Hollywood script and wrap a game around it. Quinton Tarantino's "hateful eight" might be a good place to start... since it's not happening anyways.

-Foxtrot1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


Oh here we go starchild trying to troll and start an argument...whats new

"Yes, we know you have been hating on Microsoft and cheerleading for Sony long before this announcement."


Thats got NOTHING to do with this article, nothing....nothing at all. It's about Gears of War not I've said your twisting this to troll like you usually do then comment how you have a PS4 to cover your tracks.

Yeah and you want to know why my comment seem like that because Sony have been doing things right, what do you expect, it's the whole point of praise. Why would I praise MS after what they have done and continue to do.....ANYWAY back on topic

I've been stating this about Gears of War tory LONG before this announcement, as I've said but you've ignored that...can't imagine why.

Get a life man and next time stay on topic to the bloody article...jesus.


The bottom line is that you are a MS hater, how can we take anything you say about MS and or its games serious???

Here we have good news about MS buying a franchise, and here you come "Mr. Super MS Hater" to talk crap. How about you just chill dude and stay out of MS articles since you hate the system so much!!

aviator1891701d ago

You can say the same thing about so many other games out there that are in the same situation but still fare well, critically and commercially.

H0RSE1700d ago


"I think they covered that in the novels...a great example of why using different types of media to give backstories is silly since not everyone gets to read them."

- ...which makes for a great reason to bring those stories to the games...

There's 3 types of people here:

- those who play the games
- those who read the books
- those who do both

I'd wager the first option consists of the most people, so bringing stories from the books into the games, is a breath of fresh air for players, that is consistent with the history and lore.

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lifeisgamesok1701d ago

Yes and a 22 million sold franchise

kewlkat0071701d ago

Plenty Reasons:

1. 4 games = 20 million(That's a successful Franchise)
2. 1 Billion total in sales/merchandise for the franchise.
3. 360 Staple shooter/popularizing XBL further
4. Nothing that matches "Horde Mode" on consoles
5. Took 3rd-person shooter to new heights
6. Devs already got their fill(Some now rich and moving on)
7. Pure Entertainment Value that ushered in Last Gen.
8. My Favorite shooter franchise last gen.
9. Cole, Marcus, Dom
10. AAA Franchise

I had goosebumps when I saw this game at E3 which persuaded me to get the Xbox 360. It was on like donkey kong.

mark3214uk1701d ago

shame tho i would of loved to play this in native 1080p :/

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Axios21701d ago

Why wouldn't anyone secure the franchise that sold 20m on 360 with 4 games?

I_am_Batman1701d ago

I agree. It would've been a big mistake wif MS didn't secure it. It probably would've gone multiplatform otherwise.

hollabox1701d ago

Yeah couldn't imagine seeing Marcus looking out into the sunset at a PS4 logo. MS should have did the same with Mass Effect, dumb move on their part.

GiantEnemyCrab1701d ago

They need to do the same thing with TitanFall. Or it could be another Mass Effect mess. I always felt the main reason ME sequels weren't as good as the first game was because of them having to put it on too many platforms.

OrangePowerz1701d ago

ME 2 was much better than the first one in my opinion.

truefan11701d ago

Microsoft put the money up and took great risks for Titanfall 1, if it is a success (Almost positive it will be) I doubt Microsoft will let it go multiplat. Of course respawn holds the cards, but Halo on 1 console was going up against the multiplat COD for years. Hopefully respawn remembers all the hate they got from a certain fanbase because the game wasn't going to a certain console.

Minato-Namikaze1701d ago

Exactly why I wish SE would keep ff15v and KH3 exclusive. Only reason to be excited for them right now is Nomura.

AngelicIceDiamond1701d ago

@Box I think they did but EA cut a deal with Bioware first.

hollabox1701d ago

MS could have snatched up Bioware before EA. I think the game division boss at that time was Shane Kim, he was a bit conservative when it came time to securing up and coming IPs and talented developers.

theWB271701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Impossible to do. Unlike Epic...EA and Bioware actually develop and release games. They aren't a engine first company.

Bioware is actively creating inside of the Mass Effect universe and are excited to keep creating within that universe.

It was pretty easy to see that once Cliffy B left and the main trilogy was over Epic had no interest in developing another Gears game.

I don't think EA/Bioware would ever sell the rights to the whole of the Mass Effect universe. So not really dumb at all. The other party has to be willing to sell in order for you to buy.

After looking it up...EA bought Bioware from an investment firm that owned them. So it wasn't really their doing. Probably why the original owners ended up leaving the company.

skoorydook1701d ago

Its a very very good, well loved franchise that sells in its millions,no other explanation needed really

PlayStationdominance1701d ago ShowReplies(6)
Why o why1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Yes, they are smart. They own few ips and use less than their competitors. Although this deal means nothing has actually changed from last gen, it does show better intent by ms. Why let a trusted ip slip. Alls fair in love and console war.