Review: The Banner Saga (DarkZero)

Dom from DarkZero writes - "I love strategy RPGs. It’s an addiction that started back in the PlayStation era - from Final Fantasy Tactics to Front Mission 3, from Disgaea to Valkyria Chronicles (that reminds me that I still need to play Jeanne d'Arc), I would like to think I’ve played most of the major entries in the genre, so I was happy to see that the Kickstarter campaign for The Banner Saga’s first episode was successfully met back in April of 2012 by quite a margin. What made me even more interested in the game was that this indie developed title by Stoic, a small company made up of ex-Bioware employees, was in fact a strategy RPG. There aren't many indie titles that fall into this category, which made me even more excited to see what could be done with the genre when a developer isn't tied to a big publisher."

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