Here Are 5 Games That Could Make 2014 the Year of the Xbox One

Now that we’ve seen the five games that PlayStation 4 owners can’t wait to get their hands on this year, it’s time to move to the Xbox One.

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Axios21666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Now that's what I call an impressive line-up.

@ Molt0n, yes, perhaps we'll get some release dates, or fiscal quarters soon

Chanogram1666d ago

Should be a fun year for xbox one gamers (and gamers of any console preference, really).

I'm skeptical that all of these will launch this year, but heres to hoping!

truefan11666d ago

Thit is a very impressive lineup. People can say certain games aren't their cup of tea, but from a holistic standpoint it can't get much better than this lineup. Good year ahead for the XB1, the best thing is that 4/5 are new fresh games from promising developers.

FamilyGuy1666d ago

I don't know about Project Overdrive but the rest of this list looks great. Just need to see more or read more about that game. It looks too wacky for me I guess.

1666d ago
ThePope1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I think at least 3 are going to make it this year.

hulk_bash19871666d ago

Probably not Halo or Sunset Overdrive. But this list is evidence that there are some good times ahead for Xbox One Owners. Glad to know that when I do end up getting one there will be some games to look forward to.

JeffGUNZ1666d ago

Halo will be the E3 big game and the fall blockbuster they release. They wouldn't tease it last E3 if they weren;t planning on it coming out soon.

ThePope1666d ago

I don't man, 343 has said at least twice that its coming this year.

hulk_bash19871666d ago

We'll see, here's hoping everything goes well for 343. But I'm guessing it'll be pushed back to early 2015.

maniacmayhem1666d ago

I am really curious about Sunset Overdrive. I really wish more info would drop about that game.

Wikkid6661666d ago

Reminds me of Dead Rising meets Jet Set Radio.

wls10121666d ago

and then what? ...ever so slightly used xbox 1 for sale right here

beerzombie1666d ago

you could hide in a cave and not come out.

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