Microsoft Has "Unannounced New IP", Black Tusk "Getting Their Head Around" Gears of War

"The rights to Epic Games' Gears of War franchise have been sold to Microsoft, with Black Tusk Studios assuming development responsibilities. What's more, series producer Rod Fergusson has joined Microsoft in order to assist Black Tusk on games in the franchise."

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Kingthrash3601490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

so this big exciting announcement was buying gears and the announcement of an unannounced game?
gears is great..really it is but why is this BIG news? they bought halo too. its looking to be the same old cycle.
i'd rather have epic make the game...i mean its epic's thing. when bungie did halo it was great all around but look at halo 4. its a good game but lost that true halo feel. sam with gears, judgement was wakk (imo) smh.
well heres hoping that unannounced game isnt a kinect game and is a actual great new ip...smh...nothing has begun. this is a old game franchise and a unannounced game.

Septic1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

No the big announcement wasn't Gears. They are still working on other IP's.

Halo 4 was brilliant. It had the best story since Halo CE (although the MP was lacking I felt).

Kingthrash3601490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

never said halo 4 was bad but the halo series brought online fps to life, to see it lacking the way it did was sad. un-halo like even..the story was what saved it from disaster.
its like saying Mc donalds has a big announcement... making hamburgers.
i mean im not trolling but am i the only 1 that sees this? i woke up early to see the big news and its about them working on unannounced games? really? who isnt working on new games?

Septic1490d ago

Oh you meant the big announcement that Phil Spencer was on about?

Yeah it was Gears although I thought it was Crackdown at first.

Kingthrash3601490d ago

ok i was gears, gears is cool but in no way a big announcement. i couldnt picture gears on any other system anyway.
big news to me is announcing a awsome new ip like titan fall...ya know new sh!t. gears legs are worn out hopfully tusk can bring new life into it but i'd feel better if epic was behind it.
imagine if the next tlou wasnt done by nd or next mario wasnt done by nintendo..i would look at it with caution. id rather see great games go out on top instead of dropping to the bottom before its death.

thezeldadoth1490d ago

man why so much butthurt. you guys act like gears isn't a big deal. if it said gears was coming to ps4 you'd be making a huge deal about it and how awesome its gonna be

truefan11490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

gears is a staple XBOX game, if ps4 players can get all hyped about uncharted and infamous, we can get hyped about Halo and GOW staying home. Microsoft is putting that 1 billion (about 1/16 of sony's worth) to use and bringing the games. Bright future ahead for XB1 gamers.

Kingthrash3601490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

get hype all you want, nothing wrong with that.
whats wrong is this was the "big news".
to me its obvious news and because epic isnt making gears its turned into worrying news.
uncharted and infamous are being made by the same devs...PROVEN DEVS..EPIC is a proven dev tusk is not.
no reason to be butthurt i love games and want to see the best out of them. but history has shown that this may be a bad move.
gears is a big deal and should be treated as such...switching devs should be a worry to you. have you played judgment? u see what happend?
"Microsoft is putting that 1 billion (about 1/16 of sony's worth)" wtf does this have to do with the topic? i wish they had put that 1bil into a machine that could produce 1080p on a constant basis..all that money and sony still announced more games.
all that money and sony is about to launch a better cloud service
all money and still nothing but smoke and mirrors coming from ms...the way it looks that 1bil is smoke and mirrors...smh

1490d ago
combatcash1490d ago

Buying Gears is definitely big news for MS. It's a series that has legs and if this developer is capable of delivering a great experience then it could be a system seller.

As for the unannounced game who knows maybe it's new or they could be reviving an old series.

Kingthrash3601490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

gears isnt a xbox fan game, its a gamers game. no matter the console. kinda like mario, sonic and crash. its a game that all gamers...not fanboys, gamers care for...same with halo, uncharted, bf, cod, zelda, metriod, final fantasy, god of war, mega man, streetfighter, mk, tekken and indies like journey, braid and the walking dead.
so yeah this is news worthy...what should be troubling though is its not fans or the devs that hyped was ms. just as they hyped tv, cloud, kinect and dogs.
gears last installment flopped in sales and reviews as it should have because it was the worst in the franchise. new devs rarley remake a great game let alone one that was already hurt.
look at for KI example. great game one of x1 best games. why? it has a new unproven why? because i wasnt out for several generations that thirst for ki was looong needed to be quenched. still tho it makes you wonder "what if rare had made it?" would it be better?
gow judgment is still fresh in the mind and all i can do is hope they dont worsen the state of the game...
man you fanboys dont care for quality at all.

ms had a huge lead from
1. the 1 year head start
2. sony overpricing
3. thos rrod past warranty rebuys
sony still caught them
this gen differnt
no head start
x1 overpriced
alot of people are skeptical of buying after rrod/drm 180/ resolution gate
sony 1 mil ahead and that is before japan.
thats before geiki.
i really dont care who wins what. im not making the money, im spending it. but please believe this gen sony has a bright future and they intend to dominate. sony #1 in best stoudios ms just buys games and hire a dev to continue someone else's work...smh fanboy logic is scary.

princejb1341490d ago

Lol I sorta agree. The best gears was part 1
After the first one the quality just started going down

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BanginBiscuitz1490d ago

X1 baby, cant believe how well MS is doing with bringing exclusives to the console. This is blowing me away with amazement. Definitely took the problem they had with the 360 and came with a vengeance to the X1.

-Foxtrot1490d ago

It's not like it wasn't an exclusive's just going to be first party now not second party. Nothing really has changed.

r2oB1490d ago

They took a problem they had with the 360 and came with a vengeance to the X1 by announcing a game that was already on the 360? I'm not sure how releasing a game that was on the 360 is a remedy for a supposed issue they had with the 360.

combatcash1490d ago

@ r2oB

It's important to keep those games exclusive for them. It was a signature franchise and now its a guarantee that it will stay alive. So if anyone was thinking about jumping ship because it might end up on ps now they will likely stick to the x1 or buy both.

christocolus1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

So that confirms it. Blacktusk is working on another unannounced project but does this mean there will be another announcement tomorrow?i was right about gears being todays announcment and i believe the next reveal will be either phantum dust , crackdown or a new rare ip,there i said it first.

BanginBiscuitz1490d ago

Im actually thinking its a new IP. I will be damn happy if its a new crack down or a Phantom Dust.

christocolus1490d ago

Same here, i really love phantum dust but i would prefer a new rare adventure game.

LexHazard791490d ago

Its probably Perfect Dark game!

urwifeminder1490d ago

Oh snaptacular very keen to play.

Manic20141490d ago

So basically they are keeping their priorities on Gears first and then the new ip.

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