The Creative Assembly on Overcoming the Mess of Colonial Marines with Alien: Isolation

OnlySP: Aliens: Colonial Marines was an undisputed disaster. From developer roulette to publisher woes to development limbo to whatever passed for final certification, Colonial Marines was rubbish. With the stigma of the last Aliens game raw in peoples’ memories, The Creative Assembly – developers of Alien: Isolation, and who had nothing to do with Colonial Marines – have a lot to do to overcome expectations.

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MysticStrummer1575d ago

I don't really hold Colonial Marines against them and don't see how anyone could, so the only "mess" they need to overcome in my view is letting people know it's a completely different game, besides the license of course, from a completely different developer.

PockyKing1575d ago

That's the point really. Colonial Marines kinda tarnished the license in a lot of people's eyes. Check the comment thread on any article talking about this game and Colonial Marines pops up. It sucks really.

MysticStrummer1575d ago

Yeah I'm one of the few who didn't utterly hate the game I guess. I just thought it was average in some ways, below average in others, and wasted a really great license but most movie licenses suffer that fate. The developer did deserve a lot of backlash for showing that phony preview though. I was really loving them after Borderlands 1 and 2 so to me it was their credibility that was tarnished more than the Alien license.

PockyKing1575d ago

Yea, I didn't hate it, but didn't really enjoy it either. If the AI in the game was better, or could have been a bit more fun. The Aliens in the game were just horrendous. As well was the other enemy soldiers. At one point in the very first mission I was killed by grenades probably 10 times behind cover ha. So, once I got past that I was a bit happier haha.

nutcase131575d ago

I think one of the biggest problems I had with CM was that the developers lied, they showed fake footage of the game and frankly they deserve to be brought down for that.

MysticStrummer1575d ago

Yeah that was a pretty shocking deception, especially with the guy acting like he was talking to the person playing the game.

Irishguy951575d ago

Don't mean to be that guy...

The original footage was real. It wasn't fake. It was just...changed without notification to us, after that trailer, Gearbox outsourced the game and stopped caring. So technically they didn't lie. But they certainly misled the customer by keeping quiet until the game was out. I still think they deserve to be brought down for it definitely though.

Disgraceful heinous act of treachery

fossilfern1575d ago

Lets be honest there are plenty of examples of developers using a vertical slice of game play with features that aren't in the final game.

Regardless if ACM was a bad game they aren't the only one who used cherry-picked footage.

PlayStationdominance1575d ago

I still think this should've been released on Wii U.

It would've been a system seller.

erathaol1575d ago

You know I saw the trailer and thought, "This looks like an interesting idea." Its a full on survival game with one clear enemy type but an environment that presents its on puzzle in the act of survival.